Upgrading to Talkdesk Workspace: FAQ


General Upgrade

Agent Workspace Functionality

Talkdesk Workspace v. Talkdesk Classic





General Upgrade Questions

Questions related to how to upgrade to Talkdesk Workspace, the impacts that it may have, and the respective timelines for sunsetting each classic product.


Why will users get excited about Talkdesk Workspace?

Talkdesk Workspace is a significant enhancement over Talkdesk Classic. 

  • All the tools and data your agents need to quickly resolve customer issues are now unified on a “single pane of glass,” providing streamlined workflows and rich customer context across the entire customer journey.
  • Talkdesk Workspace can easily integrate with any third-party application required by your business or industry using "clicks not code" ensuring your team always has quick access to the tools they need.
  • Reduce learning time, promote adoption, and provide a satisfying user experience with consistent design elements that create a familiar experience between channels, applications, and integrations. 
  • The look, feel, and functionality of Talkdesk Workspace can be personalized for any role in the customer journey to ensure each team has the information and capabilities that match their specific needs.

Talkdesk Agent Workspace is tailored for the agent experience and unifies four core capabilities (Conversations, Activities, Voicemails, and Contacts) on a single screen, empowering agents to work more efficiently and effectively.


What is the timeline for moving from Talkdesk Classic to Talkdesk Workspace?

  • Main Dialer:
    • End of Support: March 14th, 2022.
    • End of Life: June 30th, 2022.
  • Callbar & Legacy Agent tabs (Calls, Contacts, Voicemails) in Main:
    • End of Support: March 1st, 2023.
    • End of Life: September 1st, 2023.



Is there a way to upgrade some users to Talkdesk Workspace before upgrading it for all users?

Yes, the enablement of Talkdesk Workspace is done by app and by user/role, allowing customers to progressively upgrade their users to Workspace.

More details can be found here.


Does Talkdesk Workspace have an additional cost?

No, using Talkdesk Workspace does not change any contractual terms.


All our users work with Callbar, will they be affected by the End of Life of Talkdesk Classic?

Yes. Callbar is planned to be removed from service on September 1st, 2023.  More details can be found here.


From all Talkdesk Workspace possible add-ons, which ones are needed just to replace the same functionality as Talkdesk Classic?

Conversations replaces Callbar and Main Dialer. The classic Agent tabs in the Main area are replaced by Contacts, Voicemails, and Activities (these three are installed and enabled by default in all Talkdesk accounts).


Is training available?

Yes! Our Talkdesk Academy offers a host of free training resources for the Agent, Supervisor, and Administrator roles.

Visit Talkdesk Academy to learn more.


What is the upgrade path from Callbar?

Follow the short step-by-step guide for instructions on how to upgrade to Workspace.


The Callbar app was very simple in its design and function; what is it about the new Workspace that individual contributors (in our case, front-line support agents) will get excited about?

Talkdesk Agent Workspace is a significant enhancement over the classic Talkdesk agent experience. All the tools and data your agents need to quickly resolve customer issues are now unified on a “single pane of glass,” providing streamlined workflows and rich customer context across the entire customer journey. Talkdesk Conversations, Activities, Voicemails, and Contacts are the core components of Agent Workspace, but any Talkdesk, third-party, or internal application can be easily extended into the Workspace as a card or a tab to create the ideal interface for your organization.


How can I automatically find out about new releases and updates?

Please follow our Release Notes page for updates on new features.


When I add new Agents to my account, the apps are not installed automatically. How can I avoid this?

In the settings of all apps there is an option to "auto-install" to a specific role, so anytime a new user is added the app is automatically installed.



Agent Workspace Functionality

Questions related to Agent Workspace: Conversations, Contacts, Voicemails, and Activities.


Is there feature parity between Agent Workspace and Talkdesk Classic? If not, when?

There are a few Talkdesk Classic capabilities that have not yet been added to Agent Workspace. Delivering these features and improvements to Agent Workspace is our top priority.

For updates, subscribe to our Release Notes by pressing the "Follow" button on this page.


When will the ability to avoid users selecting the Outbound Caller ID “Default” option be available?

This feature is already available in Conversations. Please see the respective Release Notes.


When will the ability to dial Favorites (not transfer to Favorites) be available?

This feature is already available in Contacts. Please see the respective Release Notes.


When will the Audio Device Management be available?

This feature is already available in Conversations’ settings. Please see the respective Release Notes.


When will the ability to use an external device be available?

This feature is already available in Conversations’ settings. Please see the respective Release Notes.


What are the voice-related features of Talkdesk Workspace in addition to Talkdesk Classic?

You can learn more about Agent Workspace and its capabilities in this Knowledge Base article.


Will agents be able to access recorded calls for listening/training in Agent Workspace?

Yes, this feature is already available in Activities. You can see more details about the Call Recording feature and the Activities area.


Are agents able to set up their own Voicemail Greetings for their direct lines?

Yes, this functionality is already available in Conversations’ settings. Please see the respective Release Notes.


When will the functionality of Blind Transfer be available?

This feature is already available in Conversations. Please see the respective Release Notes.


Is there a way to see how long a caller has been on hold during a call?

Yes, it is possible. You can see this through Live in the Answered Contacts widget and filter or breakdown by “Queue”. It is also possible to see this through Explore. We recommend using the dataset “Ring Groups (Queues) Analysis” for this analysis. 

Will the voicemails still send emails to the relevant email address we have logged/the relevant emails in the ring group or only live in the new platform?

Yes. There are no changes to any voicemail automation.


Is there a way to force agents to set a call disposition?

It is possible to remove the “Dismiss” option. Please contact Talkdesk Support for help.


Will there be functionality added for warm transfers in Conversations for voice calls?

Yes, it is already possible to consult a third party before deciding to transfer the call.


Can we use Conversations on our smartphones?

Yes. Know more about Conversations Mobile App here.


Will the Conversations Mobile App change when we make the switch?

No, the experience will be the same.


Will we be able to transfer a call while the caller is on hold?

For now, this is only possible when initiating a Blind Transfer

We are waiting on a fix within Agent Workspace that will stop the system from randomly selecting a ring group if the phone agent leaves it on default.  Do you know when that will be implemented?

Yes, this fix is already available in Workspace.


Can we customize the Agent Workspace dashboard/cards/widgets?

Not yet, please follow our Release Notes page for updates on new features.


Can we use the desktop version for calls and the web for reporting?

Yes, however, the same user can't have Conversations open in two different instances. The system will ask the user which instance they want to use.


Will Agents still be able to access recorded calls for listening/training in Agent Workspace, as they have been able to from the webpage in the past?

Yes, Agents still have access to recorded calls.


Are Agents able to set up their own voicemail greetings for their direct lines?

Yes, this feature is available in Agent Workspace.


Is there an option to hide the Voicemails area for certain users or roles?

Yes, Voicemails is a Workspace application that can be enabled or disabled for users and/or roles within your account. The image below shows the area where this setting is defined.


Can we make internal Ring Groups?

No, currently it is not possible.


If I'm on a call and a second one comes in, there does not seem to be any notification.  Will that change?

We are currently working on this feature, named Call Waiting, and it is prioritized to be delivered in the near future.


Can we disable Call Waiting when it rolls out? We do not want Agents getting multiple calls at the same time.

Yes, Call Waiting will only work for dedicated lines. Nevertheless, it needs a configuration through the Studio platform, so you don't have to worry if you don't want all your Agents to use it.


Is it possible to adjust the ringing volume?

Volume adjustments are not available on Conversations Audio Settings.


When an Agent blind transfers to a ring group and no one is available, the customer gets put on hold in perpetuity. Will this be addressed?

This is the current expected behavior.


Related to Voicemails, can we set filters (like the 'Ring Groups' filter) in a persistent way by users?

Currently, it is not possible. It is necessary to always re-apply filters in Voicemails as these are not saved when changing between apps. This improvement is being planned for the near future.


Is there a pop-up and an audible alert when calls come in?

The application will pop up if you have the "Keep on Top" feature enabled and you are using the Desktop Version of Talkdesk Workspace. 

The calls are expected to ring, so you will have an audible alert.


Can Agents answer a call from a desktop notification, or they must they go back to the Conversations to answer it?

By clicking on the desktop notification, you will see the dial pad tab and will be able to accept the call.


In order to use Agent Workspace, do I need to also set up Omnichannel solutions?

It is possible to use the Voice channel of Conversations without having the need to set up the Digital channels on Conversations. The other way around is currently not possible (using Digital channels without Voice in Conversations).


Is there a way to submit notes on Outbound Calls like you can with Inbound Calls?

Yes, this is possible. This configuration can be done by going to:

  •  Agents > Agent Profile > After Call Work Settings > Call Disposition Dialog and checking "Outbound Calls".



Can the Stop Recording button be disabled, so agents will not have the option to click on it?

Yes, it is possible. It can be done through the Admin console by disabling the option “Agent-initiated Pause Recording”, as in the image below.



Can adding a contact be disabled?

Yes, it is possible. It can be done through Roles & Permission on the Admin console, you can set the action of Create contacts as enabled or disabled.



Do you have support documentation in Spanish?

Yes, we do. As announced here, our Knowledge Base has now a collection of over 200 articles in this Spanish.


If you delete a contact within Talkdesk, does every record of that resident just disappear? Is there any way to fix that if a user does it by accident?

The information will remain on Activities and Reporting, but the contact will not be identified (meaning, the phone number will not have a contact + other data assigned to it). There is no way to roll back this action.

It is possible to configure under Admin > “Roles and Permissions” what users have access to delete contacts.


Can you enable desktop pop-ups when incoming calls come in through the browser version?

Yes, agents can receive a pop-up notification for an Incoming call, whether using the Browser or Desktop App version.

To allow these notifications, admins must enable Notifications for the account in Admin > Preferences > “Desktop Notifications Enabled” > Yes.


If you have multiple regions working in the same instance, will it be possible soon for users to set their own time zones, to see all activities in their own time zones?

At this moment this is not possible. The time zone used in Activities is the one defined in the Admin settings.


If you are logged into Conversations on the desktop application and on the internet browser, will your status sync?

Yes, the status will sync, but you can't have two sessions open at the same time. The browser and desktop cannot be opened at the same time. Agents are able to log in, but will need to choose if they want to remain in the browser or desktop version.

Talkdesk Workspace v. Talkdesk Classic

Questions related to the overall experience in Workspace, its features, and differences or improvements in relation to the Talkdesk Classic products.


Can we get automatic notifications by email when new features are added to Workspace?

Yes, for updates subscribe to our Release Notes by pressing the "Follow" button on this page.


Can we use the Talkdesk Workspace desktop version for calls and the Talkdesk Workspace web version for reporting?

Yes, you can. However, the same user can't have Conversations open in more than one instance. The system will ask the user which instance to use.


Is it possible to monitor calls in Talkdesk Workspace?

Yes, this feature is already available. Please see the respective Release Notes.


When will the Talkdesk Administrator functionality be available in Workspace?

 The full set of Admin apps in Talkdesk Classic is available in Talkdesk Workspace.


Can we customize the Workspace dashboard/cards/widgets?

Yes, any Talkdesk application or third-party application can be extended into Workspace as a tab or a card. The look and feel of each tab and card can be customized to create a consistent experience.


Will all of our settings translate over?

Yes, your settings will translate over.


Is there a better browser to use over another?

Google Chrome is the officially supported browser for Talkdesk Workspace.


Is there a native Chromebook application for Talkdesk Workspace?

No, currently we don’t have it.


Is there a warning before closing the Talkdesk Workspace?

If you are using the Talkdesk Workspace web version, your Operating System should ask you to confirm that you want to leave the browser window.


Is Studio available in Talkdesk Workspace?

Yes, you can access Studio in Talkdesk Workspace.


We have been trying Talkdesk Workspace, and our admins can revert to Classic easily, but non-admins cannot. Why is this?

Admins can manage role permissions to enable access to Talkdesk Workspace apps.


How should we enable Live Chat?

For better guidance on how to enable Live chat, please consult the article Configuring the Chat Channel.


Will Talkdesk Workspace update in the same way, as Callbar new releases become available?

The Workspace Web version is automatically updated with no action needed from the user. In the case of the Workspace Desktop version, it needs to be manually updated by the users.


Will WhatsApp be available on Talkdesk Workspace?



In case we are using Talkdesk just for Live Chat, do we need to have the Talkdesk CX Cloud Experience set to "Yes"?

When the option Talkdesk CX Cloud Experience is set to “Yes”, all users in your account will be directed to Talkdesk Workspace on the login. Since Live Chat is one available channel in Talkdesk Workspace, we recommend setting this option to “Yes”.

Keep in mind that you can also edit the login experience for individual agents:

  • Admin > Agents > Select the Agent > Talkdesk CX Cloud Experience >“Yes” in “Override Account Settings” > Turn toggle on > Save.


What are the reasons for recommending the Workspace Desktop version?

Our standard recommendation is for customers to use the Workspace desktop because it combines the inherited benefit of a desktop app - i.e., it eliminates the browser tabs noise - with key features such as "Always on top" and call focus.


Is the ability to extend (or turn off) the After Call timer, if set for a number of seconds by clicking on the After Call status again, available in Agent Workspace?

The ability to extend the ACW timer is on our roadmap, but we do not have an exact delivery date, as of yet.


Is it currently possible for an Agent to access Talkdesk Workspace in the state it was in before closing the session?

Yes, you can configure the Agent Default Status.


Is the function to choose "Favorites" available as it was in Callbar?

Yes, this feature is already available in Workspace.


In Agent Workspace, where do I click to sync with CRM Dynamics?

You can use the contact pop feature in the Contact details card.


Is the live screen monitoring available in the web version of Talkdesk Workspace?

Yes, this feature is only available for Talkdesk customers who have Screen Recording enabled and allows Supervisors or Managers to monitor an Agent’s screen in real-time with or without an ongoing call.

To allow for live screen monitoring, Agents must use the Workspace Desktop version (instead of the Workspace Web version). More details regarding this feature can be found here.

As an Admin, how can I manage my account within the Workspace App?

Workspace is composed of several products, one of them being the Administration panel. To manage your account, you should open the Admin app in the vertical navigation bar.



How can I access my Apps, inside Workspace?

Talkdesk Agent Workspace unifies all CX applications and information agents need, empowering them to work more efficiently and effectively.

On the left side of Workspace, you will find a vertical navigation bar, composed of several icons. Click on the icon of the desired App.



How can I access external Apps, from Workspace?

AppConnect contains hundreds of Apps that are able to boost your productivity.

We want to provide you with the best experience while navigating through all your Apps and touchpoints. Therefore, it’s also possible to access your external installed apps, from Talkdesk Workspace.

Solution: On the left side of the App, you will find a vertical navigation bar. Click on the last button to visualize all your Apps, including the external ones.



Why are my Users being redirected to Workspace instead of Classic?

As part of the migration process to Workspace, or to prevent users from using Callbar, you may want to define a scenario in which using Workspace is the only available option. In this case, Users will not be able to log in on Callbar.


  • For an Account-level setting:
    • Under Admin > Preferences > Login on Talkdesk Workspace, check if the toggle for “Activate Talkdesk Workspace as the default login experience” is active.
  • For a User-level setting:
    • Under Agents > Agent Name > Login on Talkdesk Workspace, check if the toggle for “Activate Talkdesk Workspace as the default login experience” is active.

Will you remove the close button in the Desktop Version of Talkdesk Workspace?

Currently, there are no plans to remove it, but rather to add a dialog box to confirm the user's action.


How does CX impact Studio?

There is no impact. All accounts can access Studio through Talkdesk Workspace.


Does the Web Version of Talkdesk Workspace need to run on Google Chrome?

Other browsers can be used, but Google Chrome is the officially supported browser for Talkdesk Workspace.


Is Talkdesk E911 compatible with Conversations?

Yes, it is.


Will Talkdesk Workspace be available for mobile users? Also, is there an app so that users can work on cell phones in addition to desktop/web?

Talkdesk Workspace is not available on mobile devices. We have a mobile application for call handling, the Talkdesk Conversations Mobile App.


How will changing to Talkdesk Workspace affect the Live dashboard? Will every user have to create new dashboards?

All Live Dashboards the user already has in Talkdesk Classic will move over to Talkdesk Workspace.


What are the minimum requirements for hardware to run the desktop/web version of Talkdesk Workspace?

Please consult Setting up Talkdesk: Requirements and Best Practices.


Can we create more than one dashboard, as we can in Talkdesk Classic?

In Explore, within Talkdesk Workspace, it is possible to create several custom dashboards and each dashboard can have various tiles.


Do you have a resource on how to design Workspace with the different tiles we want on those pages?

Workspace Designer allows you to quickly build, expand, and customize the ideal interface for every role in the contact center. It guarantees access to information relevant to you at all times by leveraging a no-code/low-code approach, allowing you to set up custom workspaces without the need for costly, complex, and time-consuming development.

In simple terms:

  1. Build cards (custom apps) to display and request information from the user. (currently leveraging Talkdesk Connections)
  2. Create a Panel (group of cards), defining the desired layout by resizing/reordering the cards;
  3. Associate a Panel to a canvas (Talkdesk-specific areas to render those panels). There are currently 3 available canvases.

See more on the documentation page.


Is there a publically accessible parity comparison document between Callbar & Conversations (Desktop App)?

Yes, there is. In the Upgrade ToolKit, we have a section that contains the Upgrade to Agent Workspace timeline and the features comparison between Callbar and Conversations.


Is there a way to have Conversations pop out the dial pad similar to the Callbar app?

You can use Workspace as a desktop application. Currently, its size is a 1/3 bigger than Callbar, due to its UX capabilities and ensuring that it has all the tools your agents need to quickly resolve customer issues unified on a single pane of glass.

It is also important to mention that the “Keep on top” feature is available, which means the desktop app will remain on top of any other open windows.


Is there any available document that highlights the changes between Callbar and Conversations?

Yes, we have one. On the Upgrade ToolKit, we have all the information needed to upgrade to Agent Workspace, including the Upgrade Timeline and Product Features, which compare the features available in Callbar and Conversations.



Questions related to the integrations that you may be using currently in classic products and others that you want to start using in Workspace.


Do all integrations that support Callbar now support Talkdesk Workspace?

Yes, all integrations are supported in Workspace.


Will there be any change with my integration with Autoreach in Workspace?

This integration will work exactly the same. 


Will there be any change with my integration with HelpScout in Workspace?

This integration will work exactly the same. 


Where can we find more information on the integrations?

It is possible to consult all our available integrations on the Talkdesk website and on the AppConnect marketplace. In case of questions and doubts related to any of the integrations, you can always consult our Knowledge Base.


Can we use chat to voice with other chat platforms, like Quiq?

At this moment, there is no integration with Quiq available.


Does Talkdesk Workspace have integration with Oracle CX Sales?

At this moment, there is no integration with Oracle CX Sales available.


Our company uses a proprietary CRM and Intercom for Livechat on our website. Will we be able to integrate Intercom into this Agent Workspace? 

The integration with Intercom in Agent Workspace works in the same way as it does in Classic.


Will the Relate To feature be available during the After Call Work in the future?

Yes, this is already available. Please reach out to Talkdesk Support to enable it.

How is Salesforce integration different in Talkdesk Workspace? Will we need to train the users on any changes?

We've been noticing this is a common question and we want to assure you that the Salesforce integration will not be affected by the Upgrade to Talkdesk Workspace.

In Talkdesk we are proud to have such complex integrations that help the different tools to complement themselves in order to enhance your contact center operations. When Upgrading to Talkdesk Workspace, we want to guarantee that your integrations will stay untouched and the configurations will be the same!


Can we use APIs to tie the notes Agents take in Talkdesk to our CRM?

Yes, it is possible. You can create a Connect that links to the CRM API and create an Action that sends the notes to the CRM.


Can Workspace integrate with external CRM systems and show a customized view (tasks, leads, opportunities?) 

Workspace can be used on top of the CRM. However, currently, it is not possible to have CRM information showing up inside Workspace.


Does Case pop need to be enabled for a Workspace like Relate to does?

No. Pops work by default with the same configuration you had set in Callbar.


Do you have a document that explains about connection to Slack?

Yes, we do. Please consult our article Using Talkdesk for Slack.



Questions related to the reporting area of Workspace.


With the upgrade to Workspace, will I lose any reporting functionality or default automated reports I have created now?

No, everything will remain the same.


Is there a way to see how long the call that is answered by an agent was in the queue waiting?

We are currently working on this feature and it is prioritized to be delivered in the near future. Be on the lookout for updates shortly.


Will Talkdesk Workspace have reporting options (dashboard) for users to see their daily individual and team stats? e.g. total calls, % available/not available, logged-in time, % of calls answered, etc.

It is currently possible to see in Talkdesk Workspace those metrics by ring group and by team, not individually per agent. 


What tools do you recommend for Workforce Management (WFM) reporting?

For WFM reporting purposes, we recommend using Explore. More information on this topic can be found here.


I have members in HR who access Talkdesk to pull reports for payroll. Will Talkdesk Workspace affect how they pull reports?

The permissions remain the same, so there will be no changes.


Will Agents have access to create and view dashboards in the app, or is that only available in the web version (or for Admin)?

Agents can access Dashboards in both browser and desktop versions.




Questions and suggestions related to improvements for Workspace.


Any way to move the Relate To case field to be on the same page as dispositions?

Not yet. Please check out the Conversations Release Notes or subscribe to the Bi-weekly Digest to say up-to-date about new features.   


How does the Team schedule work, and how much historical data is required for a rapidly growing team/user?

Ideally, to have a strong forecast, we suggest having about 13 months of data. This way, we can detect growth trends and apply them.

As for a minimum amount of data to have good results, we suggest 6 months. Learn more about the Team Schedule feature in Talkdesk Workforce Management™ here.


Can Admins have the option to view the full month's Team schedule and export them?

The Team Schedule in Workforce Management does not offer a monthly view, however, you can obtain this information by creating a report with the “WFM Schedules” dataset in Explore.


Is it possible to filter the list of Calls by disposition, so I can review them later?

Yes. You can do this in Talkdesk Explore™ by running a Calls Report. Learn more here.


Are there plans to reduce the overall memory resources for Workspace?

Since September 2022 we've been updating constantly both Workspace and Conversations to use fewer computer resources (CPU and Memory) and network. We've had considerable results already, and this remains one of our the top priorities to ensure we have an enterprise-grade tool.


Will “Copy and Paste” and “CTRL Find” be implemented in Workspace?

At this moment, these features are not yet available in Workspace.

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