Managing Agents using Filters and Bulk Actions

Note: We are launching a new Users tab within the Admin app in Talkdesk Workspace for an improved user provisioning and management experience. The rollout of this tab will be completed for all customers on January 5, 2024. The Agents tab will remain accessible within Talkdesk Workspace and Talkdesk Classic until a date to be announced. Learn more about this update here.

Agent management is easy to perform with the available search, filtering, and bulk actions.

Applying ring groups, setting the caller ID, configuring device settings, or assigning a role are some of the actions that can be easily done for several agents simultaneously.


Follow these steps to search for agents:

1. Go to Admin.

2. Click the Agents tab.

3. To easily find the agent that you are looking for, you can use the available filters and combine them:

    • Name or email [1].
    • "Agent Activation" status [2].
    • Role [3].
    • Ring Group [4].

4. If needed, you can clear all filters by clicking Clear Filters [5].

After applying the required search criteria, you can select all agents by clicking the checkbox next to the Name column [6].

This allows you, for instance, to easily select all agents with a supervisor role.

You can also select and deselect agents individually by checking the box next to each agent’s name.

After selecting the agents you want to configure simultaneously, choose the desired action from the "Actions" list [7].

The following bulk actions are available once you select agents:

Example: Removing Ring Groups (Queues)

  • To remove ring groups or chained ring groups, go to Admin > Agents.
  • Select the desired users (one or multiple users).
  • On the “Actions” drop-down list, click Remove Queue (see image above).

A new window will pop up showing all currently assigned ring groups: 

  • Select the ring groups (queues) you want to remove from the selected users, and click Save.

A message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, confirming that the selected action has been applied to the selected agents.

Note: If you are in the Users tab, after selecting the desired users, select Bulk Actions > Remove queues > select the ring groups to be removed > Save.

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