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Device Settings


Note:  Talkdesk can only provide best efforts support and is not responsible for configuring your specific SIP devices (since there are so many permutations). However, if you need a more detailed SIP setup, we will be happy to assist and provide all required information to your network team, but are unable to configure or provide details that are specific to your network. Should you need to configure a firewall, please use our networking details for SIP clients.


Although Talkdesk is a browser-based platform, we recognize the need to have additional devices for your agents to handle calls. These can be external phones, but also SIP hardphones or softphones. In Device Settings you will be able to determine how your agents relate to the call handling devices.

Multiple Device Mode: Multiple Device Mode gives you the ability to configure call distribution for each device. You will be able to determine how your agents handle calls at different times of the day. Please refer to this article for more information: SIP - Configuration and Use

Single Device Mode: With Single Device Mode, administrators can allow agents to anchor all their call routing in Callbar, while making and receiving calls through a SIP device or external phone.

When Single Device Mode is selected, the administrator can determine the list of available devices for all the agents within the account. The allowed devices are the same as today: SIP device ("registered" with Talkdesk) or external phone (PSTN).

This mode implies that calls will be delivered to the target device, and the respective call controls will be rendered in Callbar, when the agent is in Available status.

In order to activate this Single Device Mode, please navigate to Admin > Preferences and scroll down to Device Settings.




After you select which devices will be available to your agents, you must click “Save” to save changes. The agents can now configure the available devices in Callbar.

This feature can also be activated at the agent level, which allows the admin to restrict this feature to a particular agent, or group of agents. To do this, navigate to Admin > Agents > Agent Profile, scroll down to Device Settings and click “Yes” in the Override Account Settings dialog.


Similarly to the account-wide Preferences, you must click “Save” in order to save changes.


Note: This feature is only available in Callbar. It will not be available when making/receiving calls from the Keypad in the browser.

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