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Product Overview


What is Talkdesk Digital Engagement?

Talkdesk Digital Engagement™ empowers contact centers to quickly identify, route, and respond to customer service needs across multiple digital channels.

What are some key features of Talkdesk Digital Engagement?

  • Agent Workspace: Customer support across any channel - voice, SMS, live chat, and email.
  • Unified interface: All engagement channels on a single screen.
  • Queue management: Centralized queue management within a single interface for all engagement channels.
  • Unified reporting: All engagements reported within Talkdesk Explore.
  • Routing and presence: Simplified routing, dedicated agent or routing through Studio flows.
  • Integrations and automations: Create automations in Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Gmail, and others, whenever a new digital conversation starts or ends. 

What are the differences between Talkdesk Digital Engagement and Talkdesk Classic Omnichannel?

Talkdesk Digital Engagement is the evolution of our Classic Omnichannel solution, and it provides some significant enhancements over the current Classic Omnichannel offering, including:

  • Managing all digital conversations in Talkdesk Workspace.
  • Elevating any conversation across all channels, including voice, while maintaining all of its context.
  • Unified reporting and analytics across all channels with a holistic view of the customer’s omnichannel journey.

What does the introduction of Talkdesk Digital Engagement mean for Talkdesk Classic Omnichannel?

Talkdesk will be deprecating the Talkdesk Classic Omnichannel. Gradually, all customers should upgrade to Talkdesk Digital Engagement.  

Does Talkdesk Digital Engagement work with Callbar? 

No. Talkdesk Digital Engagement is integrated into Talkdesk Workspace and doesn’t work with Callbar. This means that customers that want to use our digital engagement solution will need to migrate from Callbar to Talkdesk Workspace as well. 

What is the main value proposition for Talkdesk Digital Engagement?

Talkdesk Digital Engagement unifies all digital channels in a single interface, empowering agents to work more effectively and efficiently. It’s accessible from anywhere on any device, intuitive, and designed to deliver personalized customer experiences to meet each customer’s digital engagement needs.

What are the benefits of Talkdesk Digital Engagement? 

One-stop-shop for customer digital interactions:

  • Engage with customers through their preferred channel and seamlessly elevate a conversation across any channel without having to initiate the conversation over, or having to manage multiple applications and vendors.

Unparalleled agent productivity and efficiency:

  • Improve the agent experience with an all-in-one Agent Workspace, where all customers' interactions across channels are viewed on a single interface with a unified experience. Paired with omnichannel routing, customers are always connected with the right agent.

Intuitive, personalized interfaces:

  • Reduce onboarding time and provide agents with a consistent, intuitive user experience across every Talkdesk application. Easily activate and manage channels without having to seek support.

Integrate and automate reporting:

  • Unify reporting across all channels in one platform to track team performance and customer satisfaction based on key engagement metrics.

Effective queue management:

  • Lower handle time with a centralized queue management system by giving agents one access point - for case information and interaction history - across all channels.

How does Talkdesk Digital Engagement benefit me and my customers? What issues does it address?

Streamlined customer interactions: 

  • Talkdesk Digital Engagement is a one-stop shop for customer conversations where all digital channels (SMS, chat, email) are unified in a single interface, fueled by critical information and customer context, thus making it easy to elevate from one channel to another. 

Unparalleled omnichannel experience:

  • Provide an add-on of all digital channels to the voice channel.

What are the unique differentiators of Talkdesk Digital Engagement?

  1. Consistent and seamless customer service communication. By joining Talkdesk Digital Engagement with Talkdesk Workspace, your agents will be equipped to successfully serve customers through both voice and digital channels.
  2. Talkdesk Digital Engagement allows agents to support continuous conversations by engaging with customers on one channel, elevating a conversation across any channel without having to start the conversation over.
  3. Thanks to its UX, Talkdesk Digital Engagement allows organizations to easily activate and manage channels without having to seek support.


Channels and Availability




How can I enable the Chat channel?

Talkdesk Chat can be enabled as part of any Talkdesk Studio flow, allowing chat interactions to be routed to the best resource, whether it’s an agent or a bot.

Can we customize Chat?

Yes, you are able to configure the colors, icons and logos of your widget, to match with your own branding.

Can agents switch between different conversations?

Multiple chat handling allows agents to switch between multiple conversations without losing any information. Incoming Chats will ring to the agent, so that no Chat gets lost.

Can we elevate the conversation to another channel?

Yes, customers can engage with your business over chat and elevate to voice, SMS, and email without having to start the conversation over.

How do intelligent routing rules work?

Leverage Talkdesk Studio to establish chat flows that are initiated when a customer sends a message. You have the ability to use conditional statements, traffic splitters, and calendar-based rules. With these studio flows, you can decide how chats should be routed and set automatic replies if no agents are available.

How is a customer’s first interaction with Chat?

In the “Initial Chat screen,” Admins can customize a form for customers to fill out on their website that will dictate if customers will either be routed to a virtual agent or a live agent for assistance. Armed with the information presented in the initial screen, agents can be empowered not only with the ability to identify the customer upfront but also have a better understanding of the context of that interaction.




How can I enable the SMS channel?

SMS can be enabled as part of Agent Workspace, allowing SMS conversations to appear within the Conversations app. To enable this channel for an account, customers should inform which phone numbers they want to enable. The phone numbers may already exist in the account and be used for voice and SMS. New numbers can be purchased, in the same way as for voice.

The phone numbers must be SMS capable, which is the norm for the US. For other countries, customers should emphasize this feature when requesting new numbers.

How are SMS conversations displayed to agents?

With the “Routing Enhancement Queues by Ring Groups”, each agent now has their own queue and will only receive the SMS conversations that are directed to their Ring Group(s),  making it easier to manage customer engagements. Each conversation in the queue will also display labels that show what Ring Groups the conversation was sent to, providing context on that interaction.

Can I auto-assign SMS engagements to dedicated lines?

Yes, with routing enhancement capability, you can auto-assign SMS engagements to dedicated lines. This means that an agent with a dedicated phone number with SMS capabilities can have specific SMS inquiries auto-assigned to them. These will appear in the “Assign to you” queue, with a special callout to help with prioritization. 

What are the benefits of auto-assigning SMS engagements to dedicated lines?

A practical use case for this would be if a company has a multilingual agent responsible for handling inquiries associated with a specific Support line phone number for non-English speakers. This feature can help ensure those inquiries are routed to that agent specifically, for maximum efficiency.

Q21. Can I elevate an SMS conversation to a Voice conversation?

Yes, after you initiate an SMS conversation, if the customer wishes to proceed over the phone, you can easily elevate to a voice conversation within the same view with a single click.




How can I enable the Email channel?

Email can be enabled as part of Agent Workspace, allowing email conversations to appear within the Conversations app.

Where is Email available?

Agents have the ability to receive inbound email messages and initiate an outbound email conversation directly from Agent Workspace.

Can we configure auto-replies in Email?

Yes, you can configure an automated response that will be sent to each customer when they send an email inquiry. This lets them know someone will be following up shortly. The auto-reply feature can be turned on or off and the text is fully customizable with bold, italics, or underline features. Links to resources such as a help site can also be added.

What email functionalities are available in Email?

With the Email channel, you will be able to use the following features: 

  • Reply.
  • Reply to all.
  • Add recipients to CC and BCC.
  • Forward a conversation.
  • Trim content (quoted text).
  • Rich text editor (HTML).
  • Basic Routing using Ring Groups.

How does basic email routing work?

Admins can set up basic routing based on ring groups for email accounts. When a ring group matches the email address or touchpoint the agent has access to, then that agent has access to all conversations being sent to that email address.

What type of documents can we attach to Email?

You can add and receive the following file types: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .txt, .bmp, .html, .htm, .mp4, .mp3, .avi, .mov, .ods.

Which email providers are supported by Talkdesk Digital Engagement?

Email providers using IMAP/SMTP protocols (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and AOL). If those providers are not available on the cloud, specific access to customers’ servers can be granted (e.g., when using VPN). Customers can whitelist our IPs in the VPN to allow Talkdesk service through.

Are shared mailboxes supported?

No, shared mailboxes are not supported. To overcome this issue, shared mailboxes must be converted into individual ones, in order to have one username and password per mailbox. For more information on how to perform this action, please refer to this guide.


Cross Channel


Is it possible to have access to conversation history?

Yes. The Conversation History App allows agents, admins, or supervisors to go back and review customers' interactions. This can be done either for training purposes or performance purposes, in order to ensure high-quality customer service across all digital channels.

Do we have any details on a customer before starting a conversation?

Yes. With the Snapshot Tab, agents can see each customer’s contact information and some key account details to provide context at-a-glance for each interaction. 

Does Agent Assist work with Talkdesk Digital Engagement?

Yes, with SMS or Chat channels. Throughout the conversation with the customer, whether on SMS or Chat channels, agents will receive real-time recommendations with Agent Assist.

Does Talkdesk Digital Engagement have integration with Talkdesk Explore?

Yes, SMS, Chat, and Email channels are integrated into Talkdesk Explore. This way, you can unify your contact center data and have the ability to run reports and dashboards to identify new trends in your digital engagements. Following the launch, the data will also be available in Explore.

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