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Billing & Payments

When and how do I get billed?

Depending on your contract, you may have recurring and/or one-time charges, as well as monthly usage charges:

  • Recurring charges are billed on the subscription day on a recurring basis. For example, an annual license is charged every year on the same day.
  • One-time charges are billed once. 
  • Telco and product usage costs are billed monthly, on the first day of the month after incurring the costs. To learn more about what’s included, please refer to Usage Pricing.

If you would like to access your detailed cost report, you can get this from the Usage tab within the Admin app. 


Where can I self-serve information regarding my bill?

Billing tab, Usage tab, Subscription tab, and Invoices tab are available within the Admin app to make it easy for you to autonomously manage your Talkdesk account.


Where can I find invoices for my Talkdesk account?

You can access your monthly invoices from the Invoices tab within the Admin app. 


How can I access phone number costs?

To access phone numbers costs and detailed information, go to Admin > Usage > Cost reports tab and click on the View Report button (more information on how to access the View report button here).

The system will open the cost report in Talkdesk Explore™.

Talkdesk Explore.png

To see the costs associated with each number you can order the "Usage Type" [1] column and check each row in which the "Usage Type" column is "number" [2]. The phone number can be seen in the "Talkdesk Number" column and the associated cost will be represented in the "Charged Amount" column.

It’s also possible to download the report and filter the table in your preferred spreadsheet editor. To download the report, click on the gear icon [3]. A modal will appear.

Download.pngSelect “All results” in the "Number of rows and columns to include" option. Adjust the fields according to your needs, and click on the "Download" button to download the report.



Subscription License Invoices

What will I see on my invoice? 

As of August 2023, invoices will have bank information on the first page and payment information on the second page of the invoice. 

Note: Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Amounts do not reflect list prices.


  • Payment Details [1]: Account Name, Payment Terms, Payment due date, PO#.
  • Quantity [2]: Number of licenses purchased.
  • Tax [3]: Taxes due are based on location, when applicable.


Will Talkdesk be able to allocate licenses by department? 

No, Talkdesk is unable to allocate licenses by department within a single instance. 


Adding Licenses

How do I add licenses to my previously purchased products?

See self-service capabilities in this article.  


How will I be billed for additional licenses purchased?

An invoice for additional licenses purchased midterm will be billed separately. See below for an invoice for the incremental purchase. 

Note: Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Amounts do not reflect list prices.


  • Quantity [1]: Number of additional licenses purchased.


Usage Invoices

How will I be billed for telco and product usage?

To access your usage details navigate to the Invoices tab. Invoices for product usage will display the date range of charges and a description of each charge.

Note: Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Amounts do not reflect list prices


  • Product Usage Aggregator [1]: Each product with associated usage (see Usage Pricing article) will be shown on a separate line. Any Overage accrued from an Annual Commitment (see definition below) will also be visible. In the Usage Tab within Talkdesk Admin this is shown under the label “Software Services.”
  • Telco Usage Aggregator [2]: This line shows the accrued telco minutes and SMS charges incurred within the month. All usage is billed in arrears. In the Usage Tab within Talkdesk Admin this is shown under the label “Contact Center Services.”

Why am I seeing regulatory fees on my invoice?

If you are using Talkdesk Dialer or Talkdesk Phone, a change related to Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) assessments on these two regulated services will apply on March 1, 2024, and after. Your invoices will start including Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) regulatory fees for use and subscription, which include:

  • Federal USF
  • Regulatory Recovery Fee (including Federal TRS (Telecommunications Relay Service) Fund)
  • North American Numbering Plan Administration
  • Other FCC Regulatory Fees

These assessed fees are required and are not at the option of Talkdesk. The rates for the fees change on a quarterly basis and the majority of these rates will only apply to costs deemed to be from interstate and international call traffic. For more information, see Historical USF contribution rate changes and Universal Service fact sheet.


Will Usage Invoices have detailed info on the charges?

Access usage details on the Invoices tab within the Talkdesk Admin app. Usage Invoices will have the date range for the charges and a description of each. 


What products have product usage associated? 

See a comprehensive list of products in the Usage Pricing article (refer to the Service section “Product Usage Aggregator”).

Committed Credit

What is Committed Credit?

It is a prepaid credit added to your account on a predefined recurring basis. The credit is valid for the duration of the contract and subject to renewal terms in the contract. Credits can be added and monitored through the Usage tab within the Talkdesk Admin app.

Note that Auto Recharge and Add Credits are uncommitted credit that is non-contractual and often does not carry the same discount as committed credit.


What types of Committed Credit are there?

There are two types of Committed Credit:

  • Credit Commit [1]: This credit is used in Contact Center services only. Telco Credits will continue to be offered at any billing frequency - monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. The committed credit will appear on the card “Contact Center Services” under the “Committed credit” section in the Usage tab in Talkdesk Admin app.

  • Annual Product Commit [2]: This credit goes towards the total usage accrued for software products (e.g., Autopilot Digital) and will be billed on an annual cadence. Software services commits will appear on the card “Software Services” under the “Committed credit” section. The committed credit in regards to specific products will appear on the “Usage per product” under the “Committed credit” column in the Usage tab in Talkdesk Admin app.

Please note that Credit Commit (telco) and Annual Product Commit will appear in a separate invoice than regular licenses.


Note: Images shown are for illustration purposes only. Amounts do not reflect list prices.




Usage tab in Talkdesk Admin app:

How is Committed Credit Deducted and Billed?

When a credit commit is contracted, the wallet is credited and every event is deducted real-time from the account balance. Any overage, will be billed at the end of the month in arrears.

If adding credit midterm, the amount billed will be prorated depending on the day of your billing cycle. This prorated amount will be billed immediately with the full amount billed at the start of the next billing cycle. 

Please note that we do not refund any unused credit after the contract's expiration or renewal.

How can Committed Credit be used?

Committed Credit can be used on a variety of Talkdesk interactions, such as calls, SMS/MMS, phone numbers, and call transcriptions. Please note that Credit Commits (telco) and Annual Product Commits (software) are considered as individual wallets and credits cannot be shared across these two wallets. We do not refund any unused credit after the contract's expiration or renewal.

Professional Services Invoices

How will I be billed for Professional Services?

Professional Services (PS) are billed separately from licenses and usage. Below is an example PS invoice that includes line items for time and material, fixed fees, and bundles. The types of charges you may see on your invoice include:

  • PS T&M Aggregator
  • PS Fixed Fees Aggregator
  • Professional Services Custom Bundle - T&M
  • Professional Services Auto-Gen Bundle
  • Professional Services Custom Bundle - Fixed Fee
  • General Professional Services

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