Auto Recharge

The Auto Recharge feature is only available to accounts that have a credit card set up as the preferred payment method. Once the credit card is loaded, you have the option of automatically recharging your account if the credits fall below a certain amount.

This feature is totally in your control - you can enable or disable the feature, select the balance that will trigger an automatic recharge, and the amount that will be recharged. We also recommend activating this feature to avoid the account being suspended.

To activate this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Admin app and select the Usage tab [1].

  1. Click on Manage credits [2].
  2. Select Auto recharge [3].

  1. Click on the toggle “Enable auto recharge” [4]. When enabled, you will be able to configure the amounts.
  2. Add the lower threshold of credit balance below which auto recharge should be triggered [5].
  3. Add the amount of credits to be added to your account when auto recharge is triggered [6].
  4. Click Apply [7].


  • To avoid several auto-recharges when activating this feature, the current balance of credits must be higher than the threshold being defined.
  • Please take into consideration that the platform used by our Billing system to process payments will automatically disable the Auto Recharge option after 3 failed attempts. If you repeatedly receive e-mails about failed recharges, please validate your credit card information. If all information is correct, please reach out to us through the Talkdesk Support Portal.
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