Subscription Tab, Adding Licenses, and Managing Seats

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Subscription Tab

The Subscription tab within the “Admin” app shows a summary of your subscriptions, as well as the license(s) and add-ons you have purchased:

Note: Depending on your user permissions, the ability to see pricing, add licenses, and manage seats may not be available to you.


  • The type of purchased subscription [1].
  • The total number of purchased seats [2] for the base edition.
  • The subscription billing frequency [3].
  • The start and end dates [4].


The "Licenses" section allows you to view the “Billing frequency”, “Seats”, “Start/End date”, and “Price” for each type of license that you have purchased.


If you wish to access additional information regarding a specific license, click on that license’s name.



Adding Licenses

You can purchase additional licenses in one of two ways:


  • From the Subscription tab main page, next to the license type you want to purchase, select the Add seats icon.


  • Click on the Add seats button, inside the detail page of a specific license type. 


A pop-up window appears:


  • You can input the number of seats you would like to add.


  • After adding the number of desired seats, you can see a billing summary: 
    • The total price of the seats at the top, next to the number of seats, will be calculated on a prorated basis, depending on the amount of time left in the current billing period. 
    • The “Invoiced total” will be added to all billing periods for the remainder of the contract.
  • When you’re done, click Next, and you will be asked to agree to the Talkdesk Terms of Service.


  • If you agree, click Purchase.


  • Confirm the purchase by clicking Confirm.
  • A confirmation message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen to inform you that the licenses will soon be available for your account, which usually happens within a few minutes.


Managing Seats

The “Seat Manager” enables users to manage and track which users are assigned to the seats for each specific product, according to the number of licenses available. With Seat Manager, you can, for instance, choose which users are entitled to which add-ons, assign/unassign them, among other functionalities.

If there are available base edition seats, and a user is created/activated in Admin > Users, a seat will be automatically assigned to that user. Conversely, when a user is deactivated/deleted, the seat will automatically unassigned from that user (both Edition and Add-Ons).

To learn how to manage the available seats, please follow the instructions below: 


  1. Next to each product available for your account, click on the Manage seats button [1].

Note: You are required to manually assign add-on seats to the users you wish to grant access.


When seat management is not available, the Manage seats button is disabled [2]. This happens when product seats are not managed on the “Subscription” tab (e.g., Talkdesk Phone seats are managed in Phone Admin app; Talkdesk for Salesforce Connector seats are managed on Salesforce).


  1. On the “Manage seats” side panel, select the users you wish to add to the license [3]. For example, in the image above, we assigned two seats to users.
  2. Once you’re done choosing the users, click Save [4].


  1. To proceed, click Confirm [5].

If you wish to unassign a seat, repeat step 1, and on the “Manage seats” side panel unselect the users, click Save and then, on the pop-up, select Confirm.

To learn more about managing seats, please refer to these FAQ.


Accessing Apps Based on Having a Seat 


With “Seat Manager”, only users with a product seat are manageable on “MyApps”, and therefore on Users tab [1] you are only able to see those users (as stated in the informative message [2]).


Regarding “Auto-install” rules that are set on the respective tab (Auto Install tab [1]), they are only applied to users that were previously given a seat on “Seat Manager”.


Exceeding Available Licenses 


By selecting more users than the total available seats [1] you will exceed the total available licenses when attributing license seats to users on Seat Manager. A warning message appears, informing you that your user selection has exceeded the number of allowed seats [2].


Once you try to save your selection, you are prompted with a message offering you the possibility to enter the self-service license expansion flow and buy the required seats by clicking Add seats [1]

Note that if you choose not to expand the seats, you won’t be able to save your seat management changes while selected users exceed the total seats.

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