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Explore FAQ


When is Explore being released?

Commencing on September 30th 2019, Explore will be released in batches over the course of three weeks.

Read our Announcement. 


What will happen to the current dashboard tabs and scheduled reports?

For a limited time, to help you with the new dashboards and reports interface, the following metrics tabs within the Reporting section are still available: Inbound, Service Level, Outbound, Agents, Numbers, Calls, Dispositions, and Scheduled.

Starting on June 1st, 2020, Talkdesk will begin the process of deprecating the legacy reporting. For more information, please read our Product Notice.


How can I control user access to Explore?

You can control the access rights for Explore in the Roles tab in the Admin section.

A new Create permission is also available to Enterprise customers for controlling users’ access to create custom reports and dashboards.


Will I need to make any changes to Roles in my Account?

No, the current permissions will remain in place for all Admins and Supervisors so they can continue to access the reports and dashboards they need in Explore. 

Custom Roles will need to be granted permission to use Explore.

The only change required will be for Enterprise customers to enable the Create permission on Roles that should have this functionality.


Do I need to recreate all of my current scheduled reports in Explore?

We recommend that you recreate the scheduled reports as it is a good opportunity to reorganize and redistribute the ownership of them, and also to familiarize yourself with the new functionality. 


What is Explore’s retention period?

The information is available through 13 months. Example, if I’m in January 31st 2021, I’ll be able to extract information from January 1st 2020 onwards. For the Studio Flow Execution Report, we are only able to show data from August 25th 2019 onwards.


How fast can Explore run reports and dashboards?

The speed at which the reports and dashboards return data is dependant on a few factors, including the timespan and volume of data that you are requesting. 

You should also keep in mind that software and applications running on your computer can negatively impact the speed of Explore. Applications such as video chat, can take a considerable amount of processing power and memory.

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