Call Flow

Inbound Call Flow

Hang up calls prior to the short abandoned threshold (ie. in the IVR), are considered Short Abandoned calls and are not counted against your call center’s abandon call metrics:

Once the short abandon threshold has been passed however, any calls that hang up within the IVR will be considered true Abandoned calls:

Similarly, assuming the short abandon threshold has been passed, calls that hang up in the waiting queue without having been connected to an agent, will also be considered Abandoned calls:

If a caller is routed to voicemail from the waiting queue without being presented to an agent (via voicemail IVR option), and the hang up occurs before the caller leaves a voicemail, the call will again be considered Abandoned:

Once the call has been presented to one or multiple agents, if the caller hangs up at any point during agent ringing, the call will be considered Missed:

For the "happy path" scenario, where inbound calls are hung up after connecting with an agent, Talkdesk will report these call outcomes as Inbound calls:

Any hang-ups that occur after a call is placed back into the waiting queue as a result of agents not answering for any reason is considered as Abandoned:

However, if a customer has been placed back in the waiting queue after being connected to an agent (such as during transfers), any hang ups that occur in the waiting queue at this point are considered as Missed – not abandoned.

After connecting with an agent, a call cannot be considered abandoned at any point, as Talkdesk considers the transfer to be Missed at this point:

Additionally, if calls are routed to voicemail as a result of a no answer and the hang up occurs en route to voicemail, the call will also be considered Missed:

Finally, if calls are routed to voicemail directly (for example, outside of business hours) and the hang up occurs before a voicemail is left, the call will also be considered as Missed:

If the caller ultimately hangs up after the voicemail prompt/beep, in effect leaving a voicemail, the call will be classified as Voicemail:


Outbound Call Flow

The outbound call flow is much simpler in Talkdesk, but similar principles apply: once the outbound call is connected with either the customer or the customer’s voicemail, the call duration timer begins:

If the hangup by the agent occurs on an outbound call and before the call is connected to voicemail or the customer, the call will be classified as Outbound Missed:

If the agent places an outbound call and hangs up after being connected, the call will simply be classified as Outbound. Currently, Talkdesk does not discriminate between voicemails or live customers on the receiving end of an outbound call; we simply know that it was connected:

Learn more about our call flow by visiting our Greetings and Messages call flow diagram.

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