Inviting your Team

After configuring your phone numbers, it’s time to invite other team members and start collaborating with them. Agents are the team members who will be handling calls.


  • In case you are using Talkdesk for Salesforce, be sure to always add new users who will be using Salesforce directly in Salesforce and not in Talkdesk, to avoid Callbar errors. Adding new users in Salesforce will automatically add the user to your Talkdesk account; however, the opposite is not true.
  • To learn how to configure User Provisioning directly from your Identity Provider, please read the documentation on SCIM User Provisioning.


Adding Agents

To start adding new agents to your Talkdesk team, follow the steps below:


1. Log in as an Administrator.

2. Click the Admin [1] section.

3. Select the Agents [2] tab.

4. Click on Add New Agent [3] (or click Add Call Center Agents if you are on the getting started screen, and accessing Talkdesk for the first time).


5. Fill out the mandatory fields (marked with *):

  • "Name" [4] and "Email" [5].
  • New team members need to be assigned to "Ring Groups" [6]. The agents ring group is already added by default. It is through ring groups (e.g. skills, departments, languages, among others) that Talkdesk routes different types of calls to agents with the proper skills to handle them. To learn more about what ring groups are and how to set them up, please refer to our Setting up Teams: Ring Groups article.
  • Configure any additional setting as you see fit, for example:
    • The “Internal Extension” that you want to assign to this agent [7].
    • The “External Phone Number” is a number to which calls can be forwarded if you want your agents to answer calls on external phones [8].
    • The “Widget Mode” [9] toggle can be used later on to force logged-in agents to change to this mode so that they can handle calls in Callbar and Conversations.
    • Depending on the agent’s "Role" [10], permissions to access certain functionalities may be limited. Learn more about this in our article on Roles and Permissions.


6. Set the “After Call Work Settings”: Activate or deactivate “After Call Work” [11], select the desired "After Call Work Timeout" [12], and define whether the “Call Disposition Dialog” should appear after inbound calls only, outbound calls only, or both [13].


You can also override the account's settings for used devices [14], Outbound Caller ID [15], Call Quality Feedback [16], and Talkdesk CX Cloud Experience[17], by configuring different settings for the agent that you are adding.

Depending on your account's setup, you may see additional settings that you can enable.


7. Press Save, then, your new agent will receive an invitation email. Once the invitation is confirmed, the agent is ready to start using Talkdesk.


If the agent did not receive the invitation email, you can resend it by clicking the Resend Invitation link [18] under the email field:


Note: Accounts that have configured SSO-only by disabling the “Account Login Section” in “Login Settings in Login” will not receive an email invitation.

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