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Inviting Your Team



Once you’re done configuring your phone numbers, it’s time for you to invite your team and start collaborating with more agents. Agents are your team members who will be handling calls.


Adding Agents

To start adding new agents to your Talkdesk team:

  • Login as an administrator.
  • Click the "Admin" [1] section.
  • Select the "Agents" [2] tab.
  • Click the "Add New Agent" button [3] (or click the “Add Call Center Operators” link if you’re on the getting started screen and accessing Talkdesk for the first time):


  • Fill out all all mandatory fields (marked with *) including the name [4] and email [5] and any non mandatory field as you see fit (eg. internal extension).

The external phone number is a number calls can be forwarded to, if you want your agents to answer calls on external phones.

  • You need to add at least one ring group. Ring groups [6] can be skills, departments, languages, etc. It is through ring groups that Talkdesk routes different types of calls to agents with the proper skills to handle them.

Depending on the Role you give your agent, permissions to access certain functionalities may be limited. Learn more about permissions and roles.

  • The Routing Settings is where you can define where and how your agent should receive calls.

Once you press 'Save' your new agent will receive an invitation email. Once the invitation is confirmed, the agent is ready to start using Talkdesk.

Note:  If, for some reason the agent did not receive the confirmation email, you can resend it by clicking the Resend Invitation link [7] under the email field.


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