Agents cannot receive calls

Talkdesk offers many ways to customize accounts. However, administrators must be careful when adjusting call routing settings. If one of these settings is not properly configured, calls may have difficulty reaching your agents. 

If you notice some unexplainable missed calls, we recommend you check the following settings. 

Note: Certain settings appear at multiple levels within Talkdesk. For example, “Number of Agents to Ring” is configurable at account preferences, number settings, and within flows. 

These settings interact on a “specific beats general” basis, meaning specific settings that are narrower in scope beat those which function more generally. In practice, this means that the routing settings configured at the account level are overridden by settings specific to numbers, and those number-level settings are further overridden by those specifically within a flow.


Timezone and Business Hours

A common issue related to missed calls is your timezone and business hours. You should also be aware that if no rule is set for your phone numbers, they will inherit the main account’s business hours. So, if you have phone numbers operating on different time zones or business hours, you must change these settings for those specific numbers.

Timezone and Business Hours are configured through Admin > Preferences, but you can also set them for specific numbers.


Routing Settings

Besides your time settings, it is also important for you to check the routing settings. If they are misconfigured this could override your business hours and send your calls to the wrong devices. 

For example, the default value for “Receive Calls in the Browser” is “During business hours or if status is set to available”. That means your agents will also receive calls outside business hours, even if only one of them is logged in and available. If you change this to “Always”, it may give customers the impression you are open 24/7 even when no agents are online. 

Note: The setting “Receive Calls in the Browser” and its counterparts for External Phone and SIP devices are only visible if Studio is not enabled in your account.

Additionally, please make sure the phone number and the agents have the same ring groups and read our article on how calls are routed to specific agents.

You might also consider enabling Auto-Answer and Automatic Away on your account to increase the reliability of calls being answered by available agents. 

To update your account's routing settings, see the article Routing Settings. For instructions on updating settings at the number level instead, see the article Numbers Custom Settings.


Call Volume

Missed calls can also happen at peak times if you don’t have enough available agents to take all the calls. Advise your supervisors to access Talkdesk Live so that they can see all the metrics in real time and manage your resources accordingly. 

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