Auto-Answer provides your agents with a faster way to answer calls. When this feature is enabled and a call is routed to an agent, the agent will receive audible and visual cues and the call will automatically be answered. The agent will no longer have to press the "Accept" button to answer the call. By enabling Auto-Answer, you will improve your agents’ efficiency, lower your average wait time, and increase your service level. 



How can you configure Auto-Answer?

You will have to add the Auto-Answer component to your call flow(s) in Studio. This way you can choose which flows use the feature. You can also configure a timeout time in seconds, according to your preference. To learn more about the Auto-Answer component, please visit our Studio Advanced Documentation


  • If a ringing timeout and an Auto-Answer timeout have been simultaneously configured, Studio will overlook the ringing timeout value and will use only the Auto-Answer component’s timeout settings to route the call to the agent.
  • This feature is unavailable for call transfers and conference calls.


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