Ringing Timeout

The ringing timeout is the maximum amount of time that an incoming call rings an agent’s device before it is routed back to the queue or voicemail. 

Admins can edit any phone number’s default ringing timeout of 35 seconds, thus increasing or decreasing the time for the agent to answer the call.  

To change the predefined ringing timeout, follow the instructions below.


1. Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator. 

2. Select the Admin section [1] and go to the Numbers tab [2].

3. On the Numbers page, select the phone number for which you will be defining the new ringing timeout [3]. 


5. Select the Custom Settings tab [4]

6. Set the “Override Account Settings” option to “Yes” [5]


7. Scroll down to the “Queue Settings” section [6].

8. Next to “Ringing Timeout”, in the “Seconds” field, type in or use the up and down arrows to choose a new ringing timeout [7].

9. Click Save at the bottom of the page to submit your changes. 


The new ringing timeout is now set for this particular number and any phone call coming through it will ring for the specified amount of time.

Note: Ringing timeouts must be configured per phone number and cannot be applied to all phone numbers at once, nor specific agents or ring groups.

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