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Average Waiting Time a.k.a. Average Speed of Answer (ASA)


These are important contact center metrics that you have available in Talkdesk online monitoring and reporting:


Waiting time (WT)

Waiting time (WT) is the time a call remains in the queue and ringing until an agent answers it. If the customer is sent to the waiting queue multiple times as a result of no answers or transfers, the waiting time for the call will be the total time spent in the waiting queue across all instances. Time spent in IVR / Voice Prompts is not considered. It also includes time spent waiting for callback, if callback feature is enabled in your IVR.

Talkdesk provides Waiting Time, Maximum Waiting time and Average Waiting time metrics.  


Average Waiting Time (AWT) - a.k.a. Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

Average Waiting Time (AWT) - a.k.a. Average Speed of Answer (ASA) is the average time a call remains in the queue until an agent answers it. This is sometimes called “Average Delay”, as this is the  average wait callers experience. The metric is available for the global account, per ring group, and per number. 

Aggregated Waiting Time stats, such as total or average Wait times for a ring group, agent, or phone number, will only include waiting time for calls that were ultimately handled. They will not include missed or abandoned calls.


Average Agent Speed of Answer (AASA)

Average Agent Speed of Answer (AASA) calculates the average time it takes an agent to answer the call after it started ringing. This metric is available per agent but may include the time the call spent ringing for previous agents in case of sequential dial attempts for the same call. For example, if a call rings agent A then agent B, it will capture the ring time for both agents.

For calls that include multiple answers as a result of transfers, the speed-to-answer for the call will be the sum of time it took for each agent to answer their leg of the transfer.

As with Waiting Time, Speed-To-Answer is only measured in instances where the call is answered by an agent and does not include Missed or Abandoned Calls, or instances in which an agent did not answer the call when presented.


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  • Avatar
    Deb Chang

    where else besides under "agents" does it show avg. speed to answer metrics?

  • Avatar
    Teresa José

    Hi Deb,

    Under agents you see the average speed of the agent to answer a call, calculated based on the time it rings on the agent.
    The Call Center metric Average Waiting Time (A.K.A. Average Speed of Answer) is available for the all account, per ring group and per phone number.

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