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Talkdesk Feedback: Overview


Talkdesk Feedback helps you listen to, analyze, and improve multichannel experiences that consumers are having with your brand.

This application allows you to deploy surveys across multiple channels, thus turning data into valuable insights. It also allows you to automate actions, so you can resolve issues in the customer journey and help improve Agent performance.


SMS Surveys


Formerly known as “Sentiment”, this survey feature enables you to create SMS surveys using a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measure, with open text comments and expanded international Talkdesk number support. These capabilities have been replatformed in order to provide consistent reporting features and help improve product usability.

With open text comments, surveys can collect quantitative CSAT scores and qualitative comment data. These are key points in getting a better understanding and context of the customer experience.


SMS Survey Settings

When a Talkdesk number is enabled from the SMS Survey Settings screen, SMS Surveys will be triggered after either an inbound or outbound call is finished.


  • At this time, SMS Surveys are supported for inbound and outbound calls. 
  • Sentiment needs to be turned off in order to use any Feedback surveys.


A frequency cap for SMS Surveys can be set to restrict surveying callers within a defined amount of time. This is configurable by number of minutes, hours, or days.

SMS surveys give you the ability to edit the text that your customers will receive after the call with the Agent is finished.


To access this option, enter the Feedback app and click on the SMS Survey Settings [1] tab. Select “Default CSAT Survey Messages” [2]


Here, you can edit and/or add the following messages:

  • “CSAT Survey Message”: The message that appears to customers, prompting a response to the survey.
  • “Open Text Comment”: We recommend requesting the customer to provide more details about their experience.
  • “Feedback Acknowledgment”: Message sent to the customer confirming that we have received their feedback.
  • “Invalid CSAT Response Message”: A message that informs the customer that their message was not received, due to an invalid format.

Additionally, you can turn off any of the questions using the toggle.


IVR Surveys


Using the new “Get Feedback” Studio component, you can create and add voice surveys to post-call flows. 

Note: Post-call flows need to be placed after the “call_finished event”, from the “Assign and Dial” > “Call Finished” exit.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey responses are registered and pushed to the Live Feedback Stream for real-time analysis. This provides a valuable and diverse overview of CSAT through the score provided by customers.




Live Feedback Stream

In order to assess the health of the customer’s experience with your brand, the Live Feedback Stream provides a snapshot of the most relevant feedback points, such as the CSAT Score, open text comments, and the corresponding survey channel.

This tool provides a real-time view of CX (Customer Experience) and VOC (Voice of the Customer). You can see what customers have to say, with details regarding their satisfaction, and use filters to drill down even further into the data. 


Summary Strip

The Summary Strip provides a glimpse of the overall survey and service performance. It is composed of 4 widgets that give insight into survey data at an aggregated level.

  • “CSAT Score” reports the average rating of CSAT questions, on a 1-5 scale collected through IVR and SMS channels.
  • “Response rate” indicates the proportion of responded surveys from the pool of sent surveys, expressed in percentage terms. 
  • The “Sent surveys” metric shows the number of post-interaction surveys that have been successfully delivered to the consumers. 
  • “Responses received” indicates the number of answered surveys. 


Feedback Report

While Live Stream provides access to actionable survey data, the Feedback Report allows access to all raw data and can be used to extract Feedback data from the Talkdesk system. For detailed information on the Feedback Report, including which filters are available, please visit our Data Dictionary.

The Feedback Report includes all the collected survey data over a period of time, with detailed information about the interaction and survey, such as Channel, Survey Response Information, Interaction ID, or Agent Name, among other data.


Feedback Integrations

Feedback integrates with all Talkdesk-supported integration platforms, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Email notifier, and more. The numeric scores, namely CSAT score, collected through post-interaction channels, report to the third-party platforms integrated with your Talkdesk account.


Installation and Activation

To install and/or activate Feedback, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. 


As a rule, all Talkdesk CX Cloud features come pre-installed. To access Feedback, simply click on the icon [1] on the left-side dock. 

If you’d like more information regarding options for manual installation and configuration of Talkdesk CX Cloud, please see our documentation here.


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