Talkdesk Feedback: Measuring Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter System℠ Overview 


Talkdesk Feedback supports the Net Promoter System (NPS®). Created by Bain & Company, NPS is a widely used metric designed to measure customer loyalty and predict business growth. 


How is NPS Calculated? 

The Net Promoter Score is calculated by asking customers (on a 0-10 scale) the following question: 

  • "How likely is it that you would recommend [your brand] to a friend or colleague?"
    • To identify Promoters (9-10). 
    • Passives (7-8).
    • Or Detractors (0-6).

The score is then calculated by subtracting the percentage of “Detractors” from the percentage of “Promoters”. 

Talkdesk Feedback customers can add NPS questions to their surveys and report on their Net Promoter Score out-of-the-box.


Adding NPS Questions to a Survey


You can build your survey from scratch using the Feedback Flow Builder or by utilizing an NPS template, using predefined survey components. 

Once on the canvas, you’ll design the survey’s contents, which include the ability to use the NPS component from the left-side component drawer.



  • Make sure to mark your respective “NPS question” with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) designation for out-of-the-box score calculation. 
  • NPS questions can also be added to custom IVR surveys.


Accessing Net Promoter Score and Survey Responses


The “Live Feedback Stream” is an actionable, real-time tool where you can view survey performance and obtain details of the feedback received. You can access your Net Promoter KPI Scores from the top of the page.


Find additional details on each individual response, and filter your responses by “Detractors” (score 0-6), “Passives” (score 7-8), or “Promoters” (score 9-10) to get the most relevant results.


Collecting Survey Data

Furthermore, you can access all the survey data that has been collected during a period of time from the Feedback Flow Report in Explore. It has detailed information about the interaction and survey, such as the survey and interaction channels, question components, answers, and associated interaction metadata, among others. 

Reports can be scheduled or exported, and automatic extraction of survey data is supported through the Explore API

Note: NPS data is not supported through Talkdesk Integrations at this time.

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