Enabling Relate to Ticket in Talkdesk Zendesk Connector

When the integration between Talkdesk and Zendesk is configured and an automated task has been put in place, it is possible to have a ticket created in Zendesk automatically, every time a call ends.

The “Relate to” feature enables agents to relate a call to an existing ticket, hence preventing the excessive amount of tickets being created in Zendesk after a call, and the lack of relation between the tickets and the calls.

With this feature, agents can select the ticket to which the call will be related, from a list of existing tickets that are displayed in Conversations, after an inbound or an outbound call ends:

The tickets that show up are those that are associated with the contact phone number. They are displayed in chronological order and closed tickets come last. To learn more, please refer to the article Using Relate To in Talkdesk Zendesk Connector (Conversations).



To activate the “Relate to” feature, you must make first the following configurations:

  • Define the following automated tasks:
    • When an inbound disposition code is set then update ticket in Zendesk.
    • When an outbound call disposition code is set then update ticket in Zendesk.

 Note: You can define additional automated tasks, in accordance with your business needs.



When all of the above have been configured, follow these steps to enable the “Relate to” feature:

  1. Go to the Builder app [1] 
  2. Select Integrations [2].
  3. Select Zendesk [3].

  1. Click on Configuration [4]

  1. At the bottom of the page, find and tick the "Relate to ticket" option [5].
  2. Click Save.

Once you’ve finished the configurations, you can get started using the Zendesk Relate To feature (see the article Using Relate to Ticket in Talkdesk Zendesk Connector).

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