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Callbar CTI Connector


Adding Talkdesk Callbar CTI Connector for Salesforce, Zendesk or Desk will give you the ability to click on a contact in Callbar and automatically pop open the associated contact in the integration of your choice.

Please follow the steps below to make sure all agents using Callbar are also properly connected to your required integration:

    1. Make sure users using Talkdesk Callbar are using the same email address registered in your chosen integration.
    2. Make sure the integration is trying to connect to the correct Callbar CTI (i.e. Callbar App CTI and not to Callbar Chrome App CTI - unless the agent is using a Chrome OS machine). You can find instructions on how to configure the Callbar App CTI connector for each integration in the following links:

           - Callbar CTI for Salesforce

           - Callbar CTI for Zendesk

           - Callbar CTI for

      Note: In case you were previously using Callbar Chrome App with Zendesk you will need to uninstall this CTI connector before adding the new Callbar App CTI connector. To do this, please follow the instructions here.

    3. Also please make sure all agents install Talkdesk's Click-to-Call Extension by accessing the link here and set it to make calls through Callbar App (or Callbar Chrome App if using Chrome OS) as per instructions here.
    4. Widget mode should be enabled so that calls only ring to Callbar while the main Talkdesk web application is open.
    5. Make sure to follow the instructions here to assure the correct integration is selected as default in Talkdesk.
    6. Log into Talkdesk Callbar and also to the Callbar CTI Connector widget on your integration, making sure the same credentials are used on both sides.


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