Making a Call

With Talkdesk, there are different applications at your disposal that allow you to make a call. This article details those options and the features available with each.





Conversations is an Agent Workspace app that allows users to handle inbound and outbound, voice, and digital customer conversations, from their desktop or web browser.

You can learn more about Conversations, including how to access it, here.


The initial screen when opening Conversations will display the Dial Pad [1]

  • Choose the Outbound Caller ID [2] to perform the call (if this option is enabled by a Team Manager or Administrator).
  • Choose a country code [3]. To learn more about this option, please read the Default Prefix article.
  • Type in a phone number or copy/paste it into the field [4]. While dialing, you can see information regarding the customer's name and/or number, as well as the number being used to perform the outbound call.
  • Initiate a call to an external number by hitting the Call [5] button. During the initial call setup, agents are provided with the Early Media of the contact person’s service provider. This means that agents can hear dialing tones or any other media, allowing them to understand the status of the call setup process (e.g., ringing, number unavailable, busy, among others).
  • Perform a call to another agent by using the Call an Agent button [6]
  • By clicking on this button, a right-side panel will open, listing the agents that can be called. Browse the list of all available agents, and simply click a name from the directory that appears, in order to initiate an internal call.

Agents will be able to call other agents in green and yellow statuses. To know more about the meaning of each status, please read our full documentation.


It is also possible to search for an agent by inserting at least 3 characters in the search bar [7].



Talkdesk Phone™ is a cloud telephony system for the modern workforce that enables the unification of your business telephony and contact center communications in a single application designed to break down organizational silos.

Within the Phone app, you’ll find the Keypad and the following features:


  • The Keypad and Contacts [1] toggle allows users to change between a numeric keypad and the internal contacts directory.
  • The “Caller ID” [2] is a dropdown menu with a searchable list of numbers that can be used as caller IDs for outbound calls. 
  • The input field [3], for extensions and long number dialing. 
  • The keypad collapse or reveal button [4].
  • Numbered keys and the backspace button.
  • The Call button [5].
  • Your extension [6].

To make a call using Phone, you just need to input the destination number or select one from the searchable Contacts directory. 

When making a call using Phone, the following elements are displayed:


  • The call description [1].
  • The callee’s avatar [2], with the callee’s initials if the number is part of the account, and a default icon if it isn’t.
  • The callee’s description with all the available information between name and surname, long number, and extension.
  • The Mute button [4].
  • The End Call button [5].

If the callee is busy, a “User is busy” message appears, along with: 

  • The call description.
  • The callee’s name and surname, along with their long number or extension. 
  • The “Cancel” and “Call again” buttons.


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