Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers: Overview

Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers™ is an end-to-end patient experience solution. It leverages Talkdesk’s extensive contact center assets and adds comprehensive healthcare-specific functionalities to provide the best end result for both patients and providers. 

This solution is available for healthcare provider organizations using Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, offering integration solutions and custom integrations.

To enhance this experience and leverage a complete healthcare solution, our Healthcare Experience Cloud is composed by:


Note: To begin using Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Main Capabilities

Main capabilities of Healthcare Experience Cloud for Providers:


Healthcare Provider Workspace - "Patient 360"

This solution leverages Talkdesk Conversations and adds healthcare-specific capabilities through the Patient 360 application.


  • “Patient 360” [1] bridges the data gap between individual patient interactions, providing agents with the patient’s medical information, previous and scheduled interactions, and more. It does this through the following cards:
  • “Patient details” [2]: Contains the patient’s information, from date of birth to gender, private care provider contact details, among others.
  • “Patient journey” [2]: Provides information about upcoming appointments and previous interactions.
  • “Medical information” [4]: Lists the patient’s conditions and medication.
  • “EHR shortcuts”(only available for Epic integration) [5]: Time-saving screen-pop links directing to useful EHR areas. 

Besides the cards, the agent has the possibility to search [6] and find different patients’ records that are immediately populated in Patient 360.


EHR Integrations

The Healthcare Experience Cloud integrates with all EHR systems as seamlessly as possible through integrations for Epic, Cerner, Athenahealth, and Ellkay. In addition to these options, it is also possible to create a custom integration. These integrations provide agents with access to patient information taken in real-time from EHR Systems. 

This information includes medical details and future appointments. Furthermore, it empowers agents to alter appointments, finding available slots suited to each patient. 


Virtual Agent for Healthcare


The Virtual Agent for Healthcare is a pre-built flow based on the most common healthcare use cases to allow the patient to simply and autonomously schedule a new appointment, cancel an appointment, or reschedule an appointment, among others.

To provide an omnichannel experience, this Virtual Agent is available for Voice and Digital channels.


Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications is an application that gives the administrator the ability to configure their own messages by creating, editing, and deleting them in a seamless and autonomous way. These messages can be shared agentless in real-time, based on the associated events.


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