Automated Notifications: Overview

Streamlined interface to configure rules-based proactive outbound messaging at scale. The Automated Notifications application allows you to create, edit, delete, and configure messages in a self-service way.  

Note: The enablement of Automation Notifications requires engagement with Talkdesk. 

The setup of several automated notifications based on events, allows you to proactively communicate every time an event is triggered, without needing an agent to be involved.

Above, you can find some examples of events and Automated Notifications (AN):

  • Event: appointment
  • AN: appointment confirmation request, appointment reminders, pre-appointment instructions
  • Event: payment
  • AN: payment reminders, payment confirmation
  • Event: festival
  • AN: ticket confirmation, festival day reminder, a message informing changes in the lineup


Accessing Automated Notifications

Once “Automated notifications” are enabled in your account, you will have access to this application inside the "Admin" application. 


The first step is to have a studio flow created to associate with your first Automated Notification.

Note: You can find more information here: 


Creating an Automated Notification


To create a new Automated Notification, click on the Create automated notifications button [1], and fill in the following fields:

Creating_an_Automated_Notification_1-7..png- “Name” [1]: This is the title of the message which will be visible to the recipients (e.g., an appointment reminder).
- “Studio flow” [2]: Contains the content of the messages to be sent.
- “Event” [3]: Only one event should be selected here. Note: Event creation requires engagement with Talkdesk.
- “Send” [4]: Choose to send the message either on the event date, before or after the event.
- “Repeats” [5]: Choose to send the message with a certain frequency, and if so, also decide when to stop sending it.
- “Preferences” [6]: Define the most suitable time and weekdays to send the notifications.


After all the mandatory fields are populated, click Save [7] and return to the “Automated notifications” page. Here, you will see a list of the automated notifications you have created.


When opening the page you will have access to the names you gave, the associated Talkdesk Studio™ flows, the time to send the notifications, know if there is a recurrence set, and the event the notification is associated with. 

Note: To learn how to send an Automated Notification through a Studio API flow, please check this article.


Editing and Deleting Automated Notifications


You can also edit [1] and/or delete [2] each automated notification created. To do so, click on the corresponding icon, displayed next to each notification. 

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