Using Zendesk Click-to-Call and Contact Pop

The Click-to-Call feature allows you to call any customer directly from Zendesk through the Talkdesk CTI Connector for Call App. Additionally, the Contact Pop is a feature that allows agents to pop the Zendesk contact’s page, upon clicking on the integration’s badge in Callbar.

Neither Click-to-Call nor Contact Pop require a specific setup process. For more information, please check Activating your Talkdesk for Zendesk Integration.

Note: The Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension cannot be used within the same domain of the Talkdesk connector. This means that it cannot be used in Zendesk as it will conflict with the connector and may disconnect it. To use it, you need to configure the Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension Options to exclude the Zendesk domain from the extended detection exception scope.



To use our Talkdesk for Zendesk Click-to-Call feature, you will need to be either inside a User’s page or in one of their Tickets.

Next, please follow the next steps:


1. Log in with your Talkdesk account in the Talkdesk CTI [1] and in Callbar [2].


2. Check if you see the green icon followed by “Callbar connected“ [3], and confirm that  Callbar doesn’t display any warning, showing also the “Available” status [4].


3. The Talkdesk CTI app [5] will fetch all the phone numbers of the user, which are originally displayed on the left side of the user’s page, under “Phone” [6].

4. Within the app, if you click on any of the phone numbers, this will trigger a call directly in Callbar.

Take into account that:

  • If the user doesn’t have any phone number, the app will display “No numbers to call”.
  • If the user has an invalid phone number, even though the number is clickable in the app, clicking it will not trigger a call in Callbar.


  • If the user has more than 9 phone numbers, you can click Show more to expand the list and navigate using the arrows. To display fewer numbers, simply click on Show less.


  • If the user has at least one shared phone number, this number will be at the top of the phone numbers list [7].
      • A shared phone number is a phone number that has already been assigned to another user within the Zendesk account, meaning that it’s shared between one or more users;
      • Users in Zendesk can only have one shared phone number as the user data model has a single field for one of their phone numbers, and the way that Zendesk stores the shared numbers is through this field. So only one can be stored for one user, despite Zendesk storing direct line phone numbers in separate data models called “Identities”.

Note: To be properly fetched and hyperlinked for use with Talkdesk Click-to-Call, phone numbers in Zendesk must be specified either in international, national formatting or in standard E.164 format: the plus sign (+), country code, area code, and number. If providing a number in local national format, you should also specify the country as an optional parameter.


For customers using Zendesk’s Talk Partner Edition, our Talkdesk for Zendesk integration app also supports the right-click to call on the phone number in a ticket or a user profile in Zendesk, triggering a call in Callbar.

Note: In order to use the right-click to call you’ll have to make sure (1) to have the CTI enabled, and (2) to have End-user profile access as “Add, edit, and delete for all end users”. To access the latter, in Zendesk, go to Admin > People > Roles > Staff and click on edit to configure it accordingly.


Contact Pop

In an inbound call, Callbar will start ringing and it will show standard information about the incoming call, such as the caller’s number and Call ID. If the incoming number is on Talkdesk’s database and in sync with your Zendesk account, it will display Zendesk’s badge in Callbar which, once clicked, opens the contact in Zendesk.

You don’t need further configurations, as the Contact Pop feature is automatically available to you if you’re using the Talkdesk for Zendesk integration. For more information, check the Client Integration Screen Pop article.


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