Installing Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension

Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension allows you to use our Click-to-Call functionality and call your customers directly from your favorite Helpdesk, CRM, sales software, or website through a simple click on a number.


Installing Click-to-Call

Using Click-to-Call

Configuring Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension Settings

Why can't I click on some phone numbers?


Installing Click-to-Call


To start using Click-to-Call, please add the Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension from Chrome Web Store.


Using Click-to-Call

Once installed, the Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension starts scanning your websites and systems, adding a link to each phone number. To start a call:

click to call.png

Click on the phone number you want to contact.


You can rather right-click on a phone number and use the menu to initiate a call, by selecting Call.



  • Conversations (Workspace) assumes the account’s Default Prefix every time an agent selects a phone number without a prefix.
  • If the account’s Default Prefix is not suitable for a specific call, agents can change it when the window opens and the dialing attempt begins. Then, they can proceed with the call using the correct prefix.
  • Workspace Web supports Internal and Integrations Click-to-Call (not from the Web). Workspace Desktop supports Internal, Integrations and Web Click-to-Call.


Configuring Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension settings

To configure Talkdesk's Click-to-Call settings, follow these steps:


1. Type in chrome://extensions in the address bar [1] and press enter

Or, click on settings [2], go to More Tools [3], and choose Extensions [4].


2. Search for Talkdesk Click-to-Call Extension and click Details [5].


3. Scroll down to Extension options [6] and click to open it.

click to call 7.png

A screen will show up allowing you to change your settings [7].                          

On this page, you can configure and change the following options:

  • Talkdesk Logo: Show/hide the Talkdesk icon that shows next to phone numbers, when these are highlighted by the Click-to-Call Extension
  • Make the call through: Choose where you want the call to be initiated from.
  • Extended Detection: Enable an “Extended Detection Mode”. This will force Talkdesk to look for phone numbers on any website, even when they are not following the recommended practices and format.
  • In case you enable the “Extended Detection Mode”, you can also configure a list of exceptions. If you add a website to this list, it will ignore it when trying to detect phone numbers. This is especially important, as the Extended Detection may slow down the browser.

4. Once done, Save [8] your changes.


Why can't I click on some phone numbers?

It is possible that some phone numbers on a public website are not getting properly fetched or hyperlinked, or they are getting hyperlinked but it’s not possible to click them to initiate a call through Talkdesk. This can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Web developers have not made the phone number on the website code into a proper link by wrapping it in a hyperlink with the tel: schema.
  • Phone numbers on the website were not correctly specified in international, national formatting or in standard E.164 format: the plus sign (+), country code, area code, and number. If a phone number is provided in local national format, the country should also be specified as an optional parameter. If no country is provided, this will default to US.
  • Internal and Integrations Click-to-Call (not from the Web) are supported by Workspace Web. Workspace Desktop, on the other hand, supports Internal, Integrations and Web Click-to-Call.

  • Libphonenumber, Google’s open-source phone number handling library, is used to properly format possible phone numbers for a given region, using length and prefix. While not absolutely necessary, it’s a good idea to separate each segment of the number with a hyphen (-) for easier reading and better auto-detection.


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