Talkdesk Live - FAQ

Which features are available?

Talkdesk Live offers more metrics and increased granularity into your data. For example: 

  • Automatic calculation of average handle time.
  • Visibility into Ringing and After Call Work statuses for contacts.
  • Same-day metrics that update virtually in real-time.
  • Widget-level filters.
  • Autonomous set of permissions.
  • Contact monitoring.
  • Changes in agent status.
  • Dashboard-level filters.
  • Dashboard Timezone selector.
  • 4 distinct templates.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • Drag & Drop and Resize Widgets.
  • User-friendly thresholds.
  • Search & Sort list views.
  • Better use of the available screen real estate / Responsive application.
  • Add & Remove Widgets.
  • Automatic calculation of max hold time.
  • Real-time hold status for contacts.
  • Share Dashboards.


Which features are not supported at this point?

We plan to implement support for the following features at a future date: 

  • Additional widget drill-downs.

For more information on these features' expected release, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.

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