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Talkdesk Live - FAQ


Which features are available?

In addition to user experience and layout improvements, compared to the previous version, Talkdesk Live offers more metrics and increased granularity into your data. For example: 

  • Automatic calculation of average handle time.
  • Visibility into Ringing and After Call Work statuses for contacts.
  • Same-day metrics that update virtually in real-time.
  • Widget-level filters.
  • Autonomous set of permissions.
  • Contact monitoring.
  • Changes in agent status.
  • Dashboard-level filters.
  • Dashboard Timezone selector.
  • 4 distinct templates.
  • Full-screen mode.
  • Drag & Drop and Resize Widgets.
  • User-friendly thresholds.
  • Search & Sort list views.
  • Better use of the available screen real estate / Responsive application.
  • Add & Remove Widgets.
  • Automatic calculation of max hold time.
  • Real-time hold status for contacts.
  • Share Dashboards.


Which features are not supported at this point?

We plan to implement support for the following features at a future date: 

  • Additional widget drill-downs.

For more information on these features' expected release, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.

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