Accessing the Talkdesk Dialer Reporting

After creating your campaign on the Talkdesk Dialer™, you can build, edit, and access the campaign’s reports.

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The Talkdesk Dialer will show a "Reporting"  tab on your campaign’s page. Below you will find the See on Explore button.

Below you will see two buttons, one redirecting to the Campaign dashboard and the other to the Calls Report.


 You can also consult the Outbound Dialer Calls report and the Outbound Dialer Campaigns dashboard on the Default Dashboard/Report areas on Explore.


The "Outbound Dialer Campaigns" Dashboard gives you an overview of the most important campaign metrics. By default, the dashboard shows the data for all the campaigns in your account in the last seven days.

However, admins and managers can filter the reported data by:

  • “Campaign”: All, one, or several campaigns can be selected.
  • “Date”: You can choose a specific date, search for “x” seconds/minutes/days/weeks/months/years “in the past”, among others.

In case you want to redefine your data, change the “Filters” search, and click Run.


The dashboard includes the following information:

  • “Outbound Dialer Avg. Talk Time”: It’s the average talk time, in seconds, for the calls made according to the filter criteria.
  • “Outbound Dialer Pickup Rate”: Provides the percentage of picked up calls for the outbound calls that match the filter criteria.
  • “Outbound Dialer Abandonment Rate”: Corresponds to the percentage of Outbound Dialer answered calls that were abandoned by the record before being connected to an agent.
  • “Avg. Attempts Until Record is Connected”: The average number of attempts until a record is connected.
  • “Average Pickup Rate per Day”: The percentage of picked up calls for the outbound calls per day.
  • "Agent Metrics": Information of the agents involved in the campaign, such as name, “Total Contacts”, “AVG Talk Time”, “AVG ACW Time” and “AVG Idle Time Per Hour”.


If you scroll down, you will get the calls’ information regarding the “Attempts” metrics:

  • “Abandoned”.
  • “Connected”.
  • “Hangup before connection”.
  • “No-answer”.
  • “Invalid Number”.
  • “Busy”.
  • “Abandoned”.
  • “Answering Machine” (if AMD option is enabled on the campaign).

You will see, as well, the “Connected Calls’ Dispositions” information, on the right side.


In order to consult more specific data, log in to your account, and follow these steps:

  1. Select Reporting [1] tab.
  2. Go to Explore [2].
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow, and select Default Reports [3].
  4. Choose Outbound Dialer Calls [4].

Note: Alternatively, you can go directly to the “Calls Report” by clicking the corresponding button on the Outbound Dialer Reporting tab.



Creating Reports and Metrics

Campaign managers can create their own reports and metrics using Talkdesk Dialer data in Talkdesk Explore.


To customize your campaigns’ metrics, proceed with the following from Explore’s landing page:

  1. Select Create [1].
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on Report [2].


3. Choose “Call Analysis” [3] from the list, to get info on this specific dataset. 

4. Hit Create [4].

Tip: Whenever you create a new report you will have four datasets to choose from: Agents Activity Analysis, Calls Analysis, Numbers Analysis, and Ring Groups (Queues) Analysis.


Talkdesk Dialer metrics will be available on the left side column of the screen. They’re divided into three sections:

  • Outbound Dialer Calls.
  • Outbound Dialer Campaigns.
  • Outbound Dialer Record Lists.


5. Click on Outbound Dialer Calls [5].

6. A list of “Measures” [6], to be applied, will be displayed in orange with Select the metric you would like to apply to your campaign.

7. Hit Run [7], and Save [8].

Note: You can use “Filters” to find specific data on the Outbound Dialer Calls’ reports, by using the search fields above.

The Talkdesk Dialer Calls report provides the following metrics for Outbound Dialer calls, among others:

  • “Campaign name”: The campaign in which the outbound call was made.
  • “Customer phone number”: The phone number of the record that was called.
  • “Call attempt number”: The number of attempts the dialer is making to reach the record with this call.
  • “Agent”: The agent that handled the call, if applicable.
  • Call started time: The time at which the outbound call was started.
  • Call finished time: The time at which the outbound call was ended (excluding after-call work time).
  • Total duration: The total duration of the call in seconds (excluding after-call work time).

To know more about the Talkdesk Dialer’s metrics available in the dashboard, please check Outbound Dialer Campaigns. For more details on the metrics in the report, please consult Outbound Dialer Calls.

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