Getting Started with Workforce Management

Provisioning a WFM Account

Talkdesk Workforce Management (WFM) is automatically provisioned when it is added to the account. Initial provisioning includes:

  • Ring groups
    Created on WFM as Queues. Queues/ring groups that are not managed on the Talkdesk Contact Center are not imported.
    Tip: As a workaround, create dummy ring groups on the Talkdesk Contact Center prior to activating/provisioning WFM.
  • Teams
    Created on WFM as Teams. Prior to provisioning, all Agents must belong to a team, to ensure proper team creation on WFM.
  • Agents
    WFM uses the agents available on the Contact Center via live APIs.

Note: Provision updates are not propagated to WFM:

  • Ring groups
    Created or deleted ring groups are not automatically provisioned on WFM.
  • Teams
    Created or deleted teams are not automatically provisioned on WFM.


Users & Permissions

Enabling WFM for a user

Once WFM is activated for the account, Agents need to be granted access to WFM. Agents that are not granted access will have no permissions on WFM, and will therefore be unable to use it. Still, WFM may consider them when scheduling, depending on the configuration.

To enable WFM for Agents, go to My Apps link on Talkdesk Contact Center:



1. Click on Settings.

2. Select "Users" and add the Agents needing access.

3. Click "Save Changes".


User Permissions on WFM

The table below summarizes how permissions on WFM are mapped to existing permissions on Talkdesk Contact Center:

Talkdesk Permission

WFM Permission

Teams > View

Team Schedule (view only)

Event: show event details - cannot create, edit or delete events.

Teams > Update

Team Schedule

Event: show event details - can create, edit or delete events; can add or remove agents from events.


  • Add/delete charts


  • Edit forecast
  • Import History

Requests Management

  • Approve/Deny requests

Explore > Reports > View (all)


  • Add/delete charts


  • View only

Admin > Preferences > Update

Edit Configurations
Import History

User Profile > General > View

My Schedule

  • Make a request
  • View all requests of the agent
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