Creating Talkdesk Live Dashboards

Talkdesk Live™ enables admins and supervisors to create and customize multiple dashboards to gain insights into real-time and intraday contact center performance

There are two methods for creating a Live dashboard:

  1. Using a dashboard layout template.
  2. Creating a dashboard by using an existing dashboard as a starting point.

Note: To create dashboards in Talkdesk Live > Dashboards > Manage permission needs to be enabled on your assigned role.


Using a Dashboard Layout Template

If you have not yet created a dashboard in Talkdesk Live, follow these steps:


1. Access the Live tab on Talkdesk Workspace™  [1].

2. Click on Create new [2]. A pop-up window will open.

3. Name your dashboard [3].


4. Choose a starting point [4].



  1. Click on Create dashboard [5].

Note: By default, users can create up to 3 dashboards. However, users in accounts with custom reporting access can create an unlimited number of dashboards.


Deleting a Live Dashboard

Once a dashboard has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

To delete a Live dashboard:


  1. Select the desired dashboard [1].
  2. Click on Settings [2].



3. Choose Delete dashboard [3].

4. Confirm the delete action when prompted.


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