Communicating Critical Product Changes

Talkdesk will typically provide at least 90 days prior notice on critical product changes. A “Critical Change” occurs when:

  • There is a material change in the way the user interacts with the product, or
  • Backend product updates require action from Administrators, or 
  • There are changes to Billing and usage in the Talkdesk Admin tabs (Invoices, Subscription, Usage), or
  • Product end-of-life, feature deprecations, upgrades, and/or migrations

Talkdesk strives to notify customers on the above via Product Notice. In general, Product Notices are published on Talkdesk Knowledge Base in the Product Notices section and are included in the Weekly Digest (if Followed). For greater awareness, other channels, such as in-app notifications and email, may be used. 

When Product Notices are sent in-app or by email, the recipients are users with the default “Administrator” role or custom roles that contain the name “Admin.”

Talkdesk recommends all customers:

  • “Follow” the Product Notices section of the Talkdesk Knowledge Base to receive an inbound email when a new Product Notice has been added. Learn how here.
  • Keep key points of contact within your account up to date. Review role and email address, to ensure the correct users (Administrators) are notified and have access to pertinent technical communications from Talkdesk. 

For adjacent notification policies not covered here see: End of Life, Scheduled Maintenance Policy, Talkdesk Operations Status Page.

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