Preferred System Maintenance Schedule

In order to provide the level of service and quality experience you have come to expect with Talkdesk, scheduled system maintenance is a requirement. The following information is for planning purposes only and is subject to change at Talkdesk’s discretion.


Why is system maintenance being conducted?

System maintenance includes but is not limited to improvements to supporting infrastructure, performance, security, and scalability as well as testing failover capabilities. The types of events that require scheduled maintenance include but are not limited to those listed below.

  • Any non-trivial intervention performed in Production that contains some risk*, usually related to:
      • Security Patches
      • Changes to underlying infrastructure for performance or scalability
      • Infrastructure and architectural changes to improve reliability
  • Testing of failover capabilities
  • External provider maintenances that affect Talkdesk


*Risk is defined as there being a potential for a noticeable impact on the Customer’s experience. Talkdesk takes great lengths to reduce customer impact and avoid downtime when performing maintenance tasks. However, there may be some scenarios where, if the procedure doesn’t go according to plan, it may impact the Customer, or result in a small period of downtime.


When will scheduled maintenance occur?

Maintenance is typically scheduled on Sundays between 08:00am and 11:00am UTC. Talkdesk makes reasonable efforts to schedule maintenance during off-peak hours to minimize the possibility of any negative impact to the customer. The maintenance window is set during a time when Talkdesk can ensure appropriate personnel are available to support the changes.


How does Talkdesk communicate maintenance with customers?

Scheduled maintenance notifications and updates will be made through the Status Page. Where planned maintenance requires action by the customer beforehand, Talkdesk may notify the customer via in-product notification five business days prior to the planned maintenance date. Please note that it is possible for maintenance to occur outside of the stated time frame above. If an emergency system maintenance is required, customers may not be notified in advance.

Follow maintenance notifications by selecting “Subscribe to Updates” on the Status Page.



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