Talkdesk End of Life Policy

The milestones for deprecating a product or service are outlined below. Customers should always configure and use the Talkdesk Services in accordance with the Documentation, using current, fully supported Products that have not reached these milestones. Note that some milestones may not be applicable. Capitalized but undefined terms have the meaning provided in Talkdesk’s Terms of Service or, if applicable, Master Subscription Agreement. 


End of Sale (if applicable): Upon End of Sale, no new sales of the Product, as defined below, can be made. This is inclusive of expansions. If no End of Sale date is defined, End of Sale is co-termed with the End of Support.

End of Support: For Talkdesk’s products, features, functionality, services, components and/or versions of the Talkdesk Services (“Products”), Talkdesk will provide a minimum of 90 days’ notice before the End of Support date. During this period, standard support will be provided for the Product but roadmap and enhancements will be limited. Upon the End of Support date, the Product may continue to be accessed but no enhancements will be made to the Product and only P0 fixes will be provided. Support will be limited to an emergency and reasonable efforts basis and the Product will be excluded from any applicable service level calculations, credits or remedies.

End of Life (“EOL”): After the End of Support date, Talkdesk will provide a minimum 90 days’ notice before the Product reaches EOL. EOL includes the deprecation of features, including breaking API or configuration changes and support for Third-Party Products. Upon EOL, the Product or feature may be deactivated from the Talkdesk Services and no support will be provided.

Emergency Degradation: In rare cases, a Product may need to be materially adjusted or removed to prevent security issues or service degradation. Talkdesk will make reasonable efforts to provide notice of the adjustment or removal.

Disclaimer: Support for integrations to Third-Party Products, if any, will be provided in accordance with the milestones above, subject to the Terms of Service or applicable Master Subscription Agreement. 

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