Billing Overview

The Billing Overview provides a snapshot of all the relevant information that you may need concerning billing for your account.

[1] Current usage: Shows the current balance of usage on the account and is shown in near real-time. Clicking on “View usage” will take you to the Usage Dashboard.

[2] Cost reports: Shows the amount of usage on the latest invoice. Clicking on “View dashboard” will open the usage dashboard, and clicking on “View cost reports” will open the Self-service usage cost reporting.

[3] Overdue invoices: Shows the value of invoices that have yet to be paid by the due date and how many days are past due. Clicking on “View invoices” will take you to the Invoices tab.

[4] Latest invoice: Show the amount due on the latest invoice, with the due date and payment status. Clicking the download button will download the PDF of the invoice.

[5] Billing details: Shows the details of the “Bill to” contact and “Email recipients” of the invoices. Clicking on “Edit” will open a window to edit the “Bill to” contact, invoice recipients, and VAT number.

[6] Subscribed plan: Shows the edition purchased on the account, the total price for those licenses, and the seat usage. Clicking on “View subscription details” will open the Subscription tab, where you can see the full details of licenses in your Subscription.

[7] Payment method: Shows the account's payment method, which can either be “Invoice” or “Credit card”. If the account pays by credit card, the card details will be shown, and clicking “Edit” allows you to add a credit card.

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