[Storage and Retention] Call, Voicemail, and Screen Recording Retention Policy

As an administrator, you can configure Talkdesk to automatically delete all calls, voicemails, and screen recordings after a predetermined amount of time. By default, accounts are set to delete recordings after 6 months.

A user with the appropriate “Retention” permission(s) can view and/or change retention policies. 


Editing Retention Policy Permissions

To edit Retention Policy Permissions, please follow these steps:

Go to “Admin” [1] > Roles and Permissions [2].

Click on the name of the specific role [3] for which you want to add the Retention permission.

Access the “Permissions” tab [4] and click Edit [5].

In the “Admin” section, select “Update” [6] under “Storage > Retention”, to allow users to update the Retention Policies


Note: It’s possible to give roles “view only” access to the Retention Policies. To do so, please follow the previous steps but select the “View” [7] permission.


Accessing and Updating Retention Policies

To view, define, or update the Retention Policies, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account, and click on Admin [1] in Workspace.
  2. Select the Storage and Retention option [2].
  3. Click Retention policies tab [3].
  4. For each type of interaction (Calls, Voicemail, or Screen), select the desired option from the Delete recordings after the drop-down [4].
  5. Optionally, you can click on the “Do not delete” checkbox [5], if you prefer to not delete any files.
  6. Click Apply [6].

Please keep in mind that call, voicemail, and screen recordings older than the selected period will be periodically removed.


Note: When new retention settings are configured or updated, they will only be applied to newly made recordings. Previously made recordings will keep the prior retention policy that was in effect at the time when the recording was made.  

You can access information about your screen recording storage usage here.

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