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Managing AppConnect Users


All users with the default Administrator role have the ability to install and manage apps from AppConnect. 

During the installation flow, you can select which specific users or roles can have access to the app.

We recommend installing an app for all admins so they can also launch and manage the app. Otherwise, you may want to create a separate "AppConnect Admin" role if you want to restrict this capability.

You can also add new or remove users from the settings of any AppConnect app:

  • Go to My Apps and click the icon in the top-right corner of the app you wish to modify [1].



  • Click on Users [2] and select or deselect the users whose access you want to grant or revoke.
  • Click on Save changes [3]. 



Please keep in mind that Purchase Terms and Billing Rules apply.

You cannot remove yourself as a user if you are the one who installed the app.

If you decide to uninstall an app follow the instructions on Installing and Uninstalling AppConnect Applications.

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