Talkdesk AppConnect Purchase Terms and Billing

Billing Frequency and Term

AppConnect purchases* adapt to your existing Talkdesk contract's billing frequency and term, so that you can benefit from maximum billing simplicity and consistency.



Marketplace communicated prices follow a monthly equivalent standard. If your contract’s billing frequency differs from monthly, the proportional price will be applied.


Charge Models

The Marketplace offers apps with “Per Seat” or “Per Account” Base Plan types. “Per Seat” plan types will be charged per each activated user. “Per Account” plan types will be charged once, per Talkdesk account, independently of the number of activated seats. App Add-on Plans are not supported on the Marketplace and need to be purchased via a direct sales channel.


Auto Install

In case you choose to activate the Auto Install feature, whenever new users are added to the activated Roles, those additional users will be added to your existing contract for billing purposes, in case their quantity isn't covered already.


Purchasing Authority

The “Roles and Permissions” section in your Talkdesk account allows you to define the users that can install and manage apps. You acknowledge that users with AppConnect “Install” and “Manage” permissions have been delegated Purchasing Authority, and that by clicking to Install and Manage an App through Talkdesk “My Apps” management console you are committing to a Purchase equivalent to a Signed Customer Order Form.


Purchase Summary

The “Purchase summary” section of Talkdesk “My Apps” management console reflects indicative prices based on the selected Plan, the then listed price, and the then selected user count. It does not reflect your specific terms, nor does it constitute a bill or contract. 


Installable Apps Need to be Activated and Managed from Talkdesk My Apps

Once installed, you should manage the App’s active Plans and Users through Talkdesk "My Apps" management console. Using other channels will not guarantee appropriate provisioning nor billing. 


Adding Users above Contracted Quantities or Upgrading Plan triggers Billing updates 

You can add and remove Users, upgrade your Plan (when available) or Uninstall the app. 

Adding Users above contracted quantities will trigger billing for the additional quantities under contracted terms. 

Selecting a Base Plan different from the contracted one will trigger billing for the new Plan, for all selected Users, at the then listed price, and under your current Talkdesk contract term. 


Uninstalling the App at the End of Contracted Term

Uninstalling the App will take effect at the end of the product’s current contracted term and requires you to issue a Billing ticket with Talkdesk Support to trigger Billing Cancellation.


Removing Users doesn’t Impact Billing

Removing Users will not take effect at your product’s contracted term renewal. To trigger Billing adjustments at renewal, you need to issue a Billing ticket with Talkdesk Support.


Buying through a Signed Order Form and Installing on Marketplace

If you buy an AppConnect App through a Signed Order Form with Talkdesk, and the App is Installable, you will be required to:

  • Install the App through the AppConnect Marketplace or an Install Link sent to you via an email notification, and
  • Add intended Users on Talkdesk My Apps. 

When installing the App via AppConnect marketplace, and managing Users on Talkdesk “My Apps”, your existing contract applies. No additional charges apply unless you activate more than the contracted quantities or select a different plan than the contracted Base Plan. 

If you activate more users than the contracted quantities, then you will be billed for the additional licenses under the same contract terms.

Selecting a different Base Plan than the contracted will trigger billing for the new Plan for all selected users at the public list price. If you can’t find the App Base Plan you contracted, please contact Talkdesk Support via “Technical and Product Support” > “AppConnect” > “App Install/Uninstall”. 

App Add-on Plans for each App are not selectable on the Talkdesk “My Apps” management console and will be activated in your Account by the Partner, based on contracted terms. 


For more information, please consult the Talkdesk Terms of Service.


*Exception applies to Marketplace Self-Serve new app purchases which are billed month to month. Note that you can buy AppConnect through your Talkdesk Sales Representative or self-serve through the AppConnect Marketplace.

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