Talkdesk Feedback: SMS Survey Supported Countries

Talkdesk’s messaging allows you to send and receive SMS messages. This service is integrated with Talkdesk Global Communications Network (GNC) and uses mobile-type numbers to ensure the best possible delivery.

Active Talkdesk numbers in Talkdesk GNC used for the messaging service are from the following supported countries:

  • Australia (Supported for US, CA and EU hosted customers).
  • Belgium (Supported for US-hosted customers).
  • France (Supported for US-hosted customers).
  • Portugal (Supported for US, CA and EU hosted customers).
  • United States (Supported for US, CA and EU-hosted customers).
  • United Kingdom (Supported for US and EU-hosted customers).
  • Canada (Supported for CA-hosted customers).
  • The Netherlands (Supported for US, CA and EU-hosted customers).

This means that callers will receive SMS messages from numbers associated with the countries listed above. If a country in the list is not identified as matching the caller’s location, then our service will send the survey from a US number, by default.

Furthermore, if callers are outside the supported countries list, we will check their location and attempt to send the survey from a defined list of geolocations. If a caller is in one of the geolocation countries, they will get an SMS from the US, as this is the fallback option available. In this case, consumers can incur charges for receiving a text from another country.

The supported country geolocation list is as follows:

  • North America:
        • Cayman Islands.
        • Trinidad and Tobago.
        • Bermuda.
        • Puerto Rico.
        • Turks and Caicos Islands.
        • Virgin Islands, U.S.
        • Barbados.
        • Canada.
        • Dominican Republic.
        • United States.
  • Europe:
        • France.
        • Spain.
        • Belgium.
        • Germany.
        • Portugal.
        • Switzerland.
        • United Kingdom.
  • Oceania:
        • Australia/Cocos/Christmas Island.
        • Guam.


Note: If you would like to survey callers outside the above geographies, please reach out so that we can enable additional countries. We are adding additional numbers to the Feedback number pools where we can. 


Partner Information

Talkdesk partners with Talkdesk Global Communications Network (GNC) to power real-time communications with end customers according to Talkdesk GNC's standard Terms of Service.

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