Relating a Call to an Existing Case

Administrators can enable the “Relate to” feature in Talkdesk Cases™, allowing Agents to relate an inbound or outbound call to an existing case with Conversations. Agents are able  to select the case to which the call should be related after the call ends. As such, it helps establish the relation between cases and calls without unnecessary cases created in Talkdesk Cases.


To allow Agents to use the “Relate to” feature, an Administrator must do the following beforehand:

  • Enable the following two default automated tasks, as the feature is only applicable to them currently.
    • When an inbound call disposition is set, update a case in Talkdesk Cases.
    • When an outbound call disposition is set, update a case in Talkdesk Cases
  • Select Talkdesk Cases for “Client Integration”. For more information, see Client Integration Screen Pop.
  • Enable “After Call Work” for Agents. For more information, see After Call Work & Call Disposition Dialog.


Relating a Call to a Case Using Conversations



  1. After a call ends, the Agent goes to the Case tab [1] of the “Wrap-up” page in Conversations. In the “Case history” card, the Agent can select an existing case [2]
  2. Click Connect [3].
  3. On the case processing page of the associated case, a Voice Conversation card of the corresponding call will be recorded in the “Case events” section. The card displays the basic information about the call and allows Agents to download the call recording.

Note: If an outbound call is started inside a case (namely, on the case processing page) through the New conversation button, the “Relate to” field will be set to the existing case by default. However, Agents can still choose to relate the call to another case if needed.

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