After Call Work & Call Disposition Dialog

When a call ends, typically the agent’s status is automatically changed to “After Call Work”. This status allows agents to perform a set of tasks associated with the end of a call without receiving new calls.

If dispositions and the call disposition dialog are enabled, the status of the agent is also set to “After Call Work” while the call disposition dialog window is open.

You can enable a wrap-up time rule so that, after each call, the agent is automatically set to “'After Call Work”' for a predefined amount of time (or until they explicitly change their status).

Once this timeout is reached, agents are automatically put back into their status before the call, unless the call disposition dialog is still open, in which case the status is only changed back when this window closes.

Enabling After Call Work and the Call Disposition Dialog

  • Log in to your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click the Admin section [1].
  • Select the Agents tab [2].
  • Use the "Agents" field [3] and the filtering options [4] to search for an agent or group of agents
  • Select After Call Work Settings from the “Actions” dropdown menu [5]


  • Alternatively, from the agents’ list, click on the name of the agent whose settings you wish to modify. Once on the agent’s page, scroll down to the “After Call Work Settings” section [6].
  • In both cases, to enable “After Call Work” settings, switch the toggle to the ON position [7] or if you wish to disable “'After Call Work”, switch this toggle to the left, to the OFF position.

Note: When “After Call Work” is disabled, agents will immediately change back to their previous status when a call ends - unless the call disposition window is still open, in which case agents will stay in “After Call Work” until this window is manually or automatically closed.

  • Select an “After Call Work Timeout” option (time before an agent is automatically put back into the status before the call unless the disposition window is still open) [8].
  •  Tick the boxes if you wish to show the Call Disposition dialog for Inbound Calls only, Outbound Calls only, or both [9].
  • When finished, click Save to apply the settings.



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