Popping a Case

Administrators can configure automated tasks for inbound and outbound calls so that cases can automatically pop up to Agents at creation. This means that Agents are able to update case information directly as they start to talk to customers. Automatic case popping serves as an efficient way to help collect information regarding requests, further improving Agent experience.


To allow Agents to use the case popping feature, an Administrator must do the following beforehand:

  • Enable the following two default automated tasks as the feature is configured inside them.
    • When an inbound call starts, create a case in Talkdesk Cases.
    • When an outbound call starts, create a case in Talkdesk Cases.
  • Set the value of “Pop case in Talkdesk Cases” to Yes on the detail page of the above-mentioned automated tasks. The value No means that cases will not be popped.

These two automated tasks are independent of each other, which means case popping can be enabled for either of them or both. For more information, see Configuring Talkdesk Cases.

Note: Voicemail messages do not support case popping.

Popping a Case at Creation

If case popping is enabled, when an inbound or outbound call starts with a case created, the case will be popped open in Talkdesk Cases to the Agent handling the call. Namely, the Agent can see the case processing page directly and work on it while talking to the customer.

When an inbound or outbound call starts, the automatically created case will not pop up if Talkdesk Cases is opened while the Agent is viewing other apps (for example, Conversations) or web pages. However, after the Agent returns to Talkdesk Cases and if the call is still ongoing, the case will pop up. If Talkdesk Cases is not opened, the case will not pop up, regardless of whether Talkdesk Cases is opened later or not.

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