Live Agents List

Data Model

The Live Agents List widget on Talkdesk Live™ leverages the User Status model.



The Live Agents List isn’t a metric, rather it displays a list of agents logged in with the following information for each agent:

  • Agent Name.
  • Queues.
  • Status.
  • Channels.
  • Occupancy/Max Capacity. 
  • Time in Status.


  • One contact displayed on Live lasts up to 48 hours on Voice, and up to 60 days on digital channels. As a result, users may see inconsistencies between the data shown in the "Occupancy" column of the Live Agents List and the number of contacts that appear associated with that agent in the Live Contacts List. 
  • Only the first contact of an inbound interaction can be counted towards agent occupancy. 




The default name for this widget is “Live Agents List”, but you can change it to a custom name, up to 64 characters.



Because the Live Agents List is already broken down to its most granular view (each agent) there are no additional breakdown options.


Time Span

The Live Agents List is a real-time view and the time span cannot be modified.



Live Agents List.png

The default visualization for the Live Agents List widget is List. No other visualization options can be applied to this widget.  You can sort the widget ascending or descending by:

  • “Agent Name“.
  • “Status“.
  • Occupancy/Max Capacity”.
  • “Time in Status“.

To change the agent’s status, click on the down arrow icon next to the current status [1].  You can also search for a specific agent by clicking on the search icon [2] at the top of the widget.



Thresholds are not offered for the Live Agents List widget.



You can filter the Live Agents List widget by team, status, queues, and channel.

  • The team filter applies to the team assigned to the agent.
  • The status filter applies to the current Status of the agent.
  • The queues filter applies to the queues assigned to the agents.
  • If you apply the team filter and the queues filter together, you will get an intersection of the two--agents on the teams selected who have the selected ring groups assigned to them.
  • The channel filter applies to filter the channels available.

See Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview for important information about how widget filters are applied to metrics.

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