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Abandoned Contacts


Data Model

Abandoned Contacts on Talkdesk Live is a contacts data model metric.



An inbound contact is considered abandoned if the contact person disconnects between the time they enter the queue and the time they are connected to an agent.


Voice Channel

In addition to the definition above, a contact is considered abandoned when:

  • A contact is considered abandoned when the caller disconnects during the time the system is ringing an agent.
  • A contact is considered abandoned when it is routed to voicemail and the caller disconnects during the voicemail greeting.


Classic Routing

In addition to the abandon causes previously listed, a contact is considered abandoned when:

  • No IVR is configured (only a greeting is associated with the number) and the contact is disconnected during the greeting.

One additional, infrequent cause for a contact to be considered abandoned is when the Studio Operational Limit is reached. In order to prevent system performance from being affected during an exceptionally abnormal peak event, contacts will be disconnected if the system reaches its maximum traffic (the Studio Operational Limit). This behavior affects only the Assignment and Dial and Callback Components in Studio.

When this occurs, the Flow Execution Report for these two components will exit via “queue_size_limit_reached”.


Short Abandons

Short abandon contacts are excluded from the Abandoned Contacts metric.




The default name for this widget is Abandoned Contacts, but you can change the name to a custom name, up to 64 characters.




The Abandoned Contacts metric can be broken down by ring group (queue). When the ring group breakdown is applied, the widget will display a list of ring groups with each ring group’s respective Abandoned Contacts count.

The ring group for this breakdown is the ring group in which a contact arrived, or the ring group to which a contact was transferred. (See Visualization.)

Because Live is built on the contacts data model, it is possible to have a single interaction with multiple contacts. 

For example, a single interaction can have an answered contact in the Ring Group (queue) in which it arrived, and an abandoned contact if the contact person was transferred to another Ring Group (queue) and abandoned while waiting.


Time Span


The Abandoned Contacts metric can be displayed for any of the following time intervals:

  • Last 15 minutes.
  • Last 30 minutes.
  • Last hour.
  • Today.

By default, the time span for the Answered Contacts metric is “Today”. The starting point for the “Today” time span is midnight of the time zone selected for the dashboard.




The default visualization for Abandoned Contacts is Metric.



If the ring group breakdown is selected, the visualization will automatically change to List.




Up to three threshold rules can be set for the Abandoned Contacts metric. To learn more about how to use thresholds, see Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview .

While thresholds can be set for any widget, as a best practice, we generally recommend they be reserved for metrics that are averages or percentages, rather than for metrics that are counts of contacts, such as Abandoned Contacts.





You can filter the Abandoned Contact metric by ring group. 

This filter applies to the ring groups (queues) in which the contacts were abandoned.

See Configuring Talkdesk Live Widgets: Overview for important information about how widget filters are applied to metrics.







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