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Talkdesk Schedule Mobile App


Talkdesk Schedule is a native app destined for smartphones and tablet devices, designed to offer an efficient way for agents to view their schedules from anywhere, at any time.

The app provides a flexible way to view working hours and permanently up-to-date information about events and any last-minute changes that might impact work schedules. 

Talkdesk Schedule mobile app is available on the Google Play and Apple stores. With a simple and intuitive user experience, the app functions similarly on Android and iOS. 

Note: The mobile app is offered in portrait view, and it supports both light and dark modes.


Using the Talkdesk Schedule App

Below, you can find detailed instructions on how to install, configure, and use the Talkdesk Schedule mobile app.


Getting Started 

Viewing Schedules

Logging Out



In order to ensure optimal use of the Talkdesk Schedule mobile app, you'll need: 

  • A network/internet connection with a minimum 3G data signal. 
  • A Talkdesk Workforce Management™ (WFM) license and credentials.
  • The WFM app installed in your Talkdesk account and permission to access it.
  • WFM configured (with schedules being generated).
  • Android: An Android smartphone running Android Marshmallow or a later version. 
  • iOS: An Apple iPhone running iOS 13 or a later version.


Getting Started 

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • Search for the "Talkdesk Schedule" app or follow these links:
  • Tap on "Install" and open the app.


  • Enter the account name in the box [1] and tap the Next [2] button


  • On the following screen, fill in the "Email" [3] and "Password" [4] fields, then tap “Login” [5].


Logging in via a Talkdesk ID allows you to authenticate using the Talkdesk ID suite. 

Note: You must have a Talkdesk Workforce Management license to be able to access the mobile app.


Viewing Schedules


Daily View


The “Your Schedule” page of the Talkdesk Workforce Management (WFM) browser app provides a view of the released schedules. 

As with WFM, the mobile app reflects the configured release window (determined by the start day of the week, plus the release offset and release duration) of each account. This determines the schedules that can be viewed on the Talkdesk Schedule mobile app.

The calendar daily view allows agents to view the most important details of each day. To go back to the present day, click the Today [1] icon, in the top-right corner of the screen.

Navigate between days, by swiping right or left on the Events or Calendar sections. It is also possible to expand the calendar, to navigate more easily between days.


Weekly View 


On the daily view, hit the top-right button [1]. A drop-down menu will be displayed which allows you to switch to the weekly view. 

On this view, you will be able to see the number of the week within the year [2]. The current day and hour will also be highlighted. As with the daily view, it is possible to navigate between weeks by swiping right or left on the events or calendar section. The same happens with the Today button: when selected, it will take you to the present week.

To check the details of a specific day, simply select the desired day in order to access the daily view.


Monthly View

The calendar’s monthly view provides agents with an overview of what their workload will be for each month. This allows you to:

  • View the workload for the entire period of an agent’s available schedules. 
  • Anticipate any requests, and better manage schedules, based on a longer view of schedules.
  • Understand until when schedules are available.


To access this option, click the calendar view option at the header of the app, and switch to the monthly view [1]

The current day is highlighted. As with the calendar’s other views, it is possible to navigate between months by swiping right or left on the events section. The same happens with the Today button [2], which takes you to the present month when clicked.


The first 3 events of the day are displayed for each day, with the number of remaining events indicated as well. To check the details of a specific day, simply select the desired day in order to access the daily view.


Logging Out

To log out of the app, follow these steps: 


  • From the main app screen, click on the icon with your initials [1] to access the “Account” screen. 


  • Tap the Logout [2] button. 


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