Agent View in QM

Agents can be given access to Talkdesk Quality Management™ (QM) to view their own completed evaluations and playback their recordings from the Evaluations page. Also available are metrics about the quality score, including how they compare to the average score of other Agents in the team/ring group. In addition, they can check their top/bottom skills, the timestamped feedback added in the timeline of the recording, and also request the review of an evaluation.


Enabling Agents with the Agent View

If you are an Administrator and wish to enable the “Agent View” in QM, you will have to do it in two steps. First, activate the “Enable Agent View” option in Quality Management (QM), by following the instructions in the “Configuring Feature Preferences in QM” section of this article. Once this option is activated, provide your Agents with the “Agent View” access, as instructed below:


1. Select My Apps [1].

2. On the Quality Management app [2], click the Settings button [3].


3. Go to the Users tab [4] and select the desired Agents [5]. Save your changes [6].

Appconect_-_7_8_9..png4. Click on the Roles and Permissions tab [7].

5. In Agent permissions for “AppConnect” [8], choose Launch [9].


6. In the Agent permissions for “Calls” [10], select the scope option Agent [11] from the drop-down menu. By choosing this scope, Agents will only be able to view their own evaluations.


Disputing an Evaluation 

Agents can request a review of a completed evaluation, in case they have a question or disagree with how their interactions were scored. By using the “Evaluation Dispute” feature, Supervisors and Agents can share comments, interact during the evaluation process and provide feedback more easily.

Note: If you are an Administrator and wish to enable this feature, please visit the “Configuring Feature Preferences in QM” section of this article for more information. Once the activation is completed, please follow the steps below to finalize the process:


1. Select My Apps [1] and access the Quality Management app [2]. If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access QM by clicking on the Quality Management icon: Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_4.10.20_PM.png


2. Go to Evaluations [3], scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Ask for a review [4]. Note: The Admin first needs to enable the “Agent View” and/or “Ask for a review” features. For more information, please visit the “Configuring Feature Preferences in QM” section of this article.

5-6.png3. A pop-up window will appear for you to provide a comment/explanation regarding why you’re asking for a review [5]

4. After completing, click the Request review button [6].


  • When the Agent asks for an evaluation review, the author of that evaluation will receive a notification. Once the review is made, the Agent will receive a notification as well, either if it’s accepted or rejected by the evaluator. Note: Both the author of the evaluation and the Agent will see the requested evaluation with a “Review requested” status next to it [7].


At the bottom of the page, it is possible to view the comment left by the Agent. The notes added will be visible to both the Agent and the Supervisor who completed the evaluation. The Supervisor in question can either:8-9..png

  • Accept this request and click on Edit evaluation [8].
  • Reject this request by clicking on the Reject request button [9]


  • Add a comment in the modal [10] explaining the rejection reasons. Then, select the Add comment button [11].
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