Configurations in QM

Configuring Feature Preferences in QM


By accessing the Configurations [1] menu page, Quality Management (QM) Admins can enable and/or disable the following optional QM features:

  • “Enable editing of completed evaluations” [2]: By selecting this option, evaluators are allowed to edit their evaluations after submitting them.
  • “Enable Agent View” [3]: In case this option is enabled, agents can receive their evaluations immediately after they're submitted by the evaluator.
  • “Enable agents to ask for a review” [4]:  If this option is selected, agents can request a review of their completed evaluations. Note: This feature requires the enablement of the “Agent View” option. 


  • In case you’re an agent, please visit the “Disputing an Evaluation” section of this article for more information.
  • Once you’ve chosen the options, don't forget to click Save [5] in the top-right corner of the screen to apply the changes. 
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