Interaction Analytics: Overview

Talkdesk Interaction Analytics™ captures, transcribes, and analyzes every customer interaction using artificial intelligence to identify key conversation moments, topics, and sentiments. This application helps you understand customer intent, uncover trends, and provide actionable insights into the business.


Note:  Talkdesk AI products use speech-to-text technology (STT) to transcribe everything during voice interactions. For more information about the currently supported languages and dialects, please consult the "Talkdesk AI - STT Languages" PDF attached at the bottom of this page.



To use Interaction Analytics, Talkdesk’s routing system must be configured, and call recording must be enabled for both inbound and outbound calls.


Accessing and Managing the App


Once the app has been installed, you can access it through My Apps and select Interaction Analytics [1].


Access and Permissions

To manage which team members have access to Interaction Analytics, please follow these steps:


1. Go to the Interaction Analytics settings [1].


2. On the Users tab, [2] you can tick each user or role that should have access to Interaction Analytics [3]. If you need more information about roles, please visit the article Roles and Permissions.

IA_4-6.png3. On the Auto Install tab [4] you can select for which roles [5] Interaction Analytics is going to be automatically installed for newly added users (i.e., in case the "Agent" role was selected, then all newly added agents in the future would immediately have access to Interaction Analytics). 

 4. Once you’re finished, click Save changes [6].



  • We advise giving access only to administrators, supervisors, and custom roles that have a specific need to access Interaction Analytics.
  • You can designate which users/roles have access to a particular transcription and recording saved, in order to have more control over who has access to what type of information within “Search” and the “Transcription Card”.  To do so, go to the Admin >  Roles and Permissions tab > Permissions tab > “Calls” section. Each scope available in this section has different permission accesses:
      • “All”: Can access all interaction transcripts/recordings. 
      • “Agent”: Can only access the user’s specific interaction transcripts/recordings.
      • “Ring Group”: Can only access the interaction transcripts/recordings of the ring groups the user belongs to.  

When all configurations are done, you can start taking advantage of Interaction Analytics.

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