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Team Roles




Administrators can define and edit team roles (i.e., agent, support manager, supervisor, administrator, etc.), specify unique Talkdesk settings for each team role and assign agents to specific team roles within Talkdesk.


How to Configure Team Roles

To configure team roles follow these steps:

  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Select the "Admin" section at the top of the page [1].
  • Click the "Roles" tab [2].


By default, the following team roles are configured:

  • Agent: Will only be able to access the "Agent Dashboard" (i.e., "Calls", "Contacts" and "Voicemails"). They will not be able to edit preferences, configure settings or view advanced reports.
  • Administrator: Will be able to access the "Administrator Dashboard" (i.e., "Calls", "Contacts", "Voicemails", "Reporting", "Admin" and "AppConnect"), edit preferences and configure settings.
  • Supervisor: Will be able to access the "Supervisor Dashboard" (i.e., "Calls", "Contacts", "Voicemails", "Reporting" and "AppConnect" (view access to the apps)). They will not be able to edit preferences or configure settings.


How to Define New Roles

 To define a new role, follow these steps:

  • Click the "Add New Role" [3] button.
  • Enter the name of the new role in the box and click the "Check" icon [4].
  • Or, click the "Clone Role" link [5] if you wish to clone a previously existing role.
  • Follow the directions below to define the permissions for the role.


How to Define and Edit Permissions for a Role

To define and edit permissions for a role, click the pencil icon in the "Permissions" column, next to the role you want to change:


A window will pop up with options to customize this role:

  • To configure which Talkdesk sections are visible to the team members with this team role, check the box next to the name of the section [6]. 
  • To configure which features are available to agents in this team role, check the boxes next to the name of the feature [7] and the permission you wish to grant. You can allow them to (when applicable):
  • To configure the scope of data team members can view in each specific Talkdesk tab, select from the dropdown menu next to "Scope" [8]:
    • By changing the scope from All to Ring Group in each of these tabs, when they go to the Calls section, for example, they will only see calls for their teams (the ring groups they are assigned to).
    • If you set the scope to Agent, they will only get the data relevant to their own usage. 
  • Click "Save" to apply these settings [9].



How to Assign a Team Member to a Role

To assign a team member to a role follow these steps:


  • Go to the "Agents" tab [10].
  • Click on the name of the agent to whom you would like to assign a role.
  • Select the desired role in the dropdown menu next to "Role" [11].
  • Click "Save" to apply these settings.  

Alternatively, you can bulk assign team members to a role.

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