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Talkdesk Quality Management™ (QM) application allows you to build evaluation forms and customize them to better suit your needs.


In this article, you will find information on:


Creating a Form

To learn how to create forms, please follow the steps below:

1.  If you are in Talkdesk Workspace, you can access QM by clicking on the “Quality Management” icon:  Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_4.10.20_PM.pngon the sidebar.


Note: You can also access the app in Talkdesk Classic by going to My Apps [1] and selecting Quality Management.


2. Go to Forms and select Create form [2].

3. Give it a name [3] (mandatory)and a description (optional).

4. Click Continue [4].


Editing a Form Section


1. Click the pencil icon to edit the "Section name" [5].

2. Hit Continue [6] to save your changes.


Adding a Question to a Form


1. Click Add question [7].

2. Select the type of question: Radio buttons, Dropdown, or Text input. Note: When building a form, the only question type that is scored is “Radio buttons”.



In the example above, question 1 is Radio buttons and question 2 is Text input.

  • Type in the question [8].
  • Type as many answer options as you like. You can also add the number of points assigned to each answer option [9].
  • In case you want to define which questions are mandatory and which are not, switch the toggle to the left (OFF) or right (ON) [10]. Note: If the form is being used by QM Assist and the questions are optional, then, even if they’re not filled in by QM Assist, it would still result in an “AI Scored”.
  • If you click or Add N/A [11], the Not Applicable (N/A) answer option will be added. In case it gets selected, the question will be excluded from the possible/achieved points.


    • “N/A” questions are not scored and, if not answered, will not prevent an evaluation from being submitted. 
    • You can also have optional questions in QM Assist, and they can be left unanswered without the evaluation being left in the “AI Pending” status.
  • To delete an answer option, click on the corresponding bin icon [12].
  • If you wish to add more questions to the same section, click Add question [13].


Duplicating or Deleting a Question 


1. Click the More actions [14] button next to a question, to Duplicate or Delete it.


Adding a Section to a Form


  1. Select Add section to add as many sections as you would like [15]:
  • Click the More actions [16] button next to the section's name, to Duplicate or Delete it.
  • You can also Collapse or Expand the section's content. This action can be useful when there are several sections [17].
  • Preview your form at any time by toggling the "Preview" option ON/OFF [18]

Note: The form is automatically “Saved” [19].


Publishing Forms


Once the form is finalized, click the Publish button [20]. The form will now be available to be used in an evaluation.


Deactivating Forms


“Published” forms cannot be edited, but they can be deactivated [21]. This way, you can duplicate a form, make any desired changes, publish the new version, and deactivate the other form.

Note: You can choose to show or hide deactivated forms from the list, by switching the toggle left or right [22].


Forms in the "Draft" status are not visible during the evaluation process. You can delete these by clicking the Discard option [23].


Assigning Forms

A form can be assigned to a Team or Queue. To learn how to assign a form, please follow the steps below:


1. Select the "Assign Team" or "Assign Queue" options [24]. Note: The “Assign Queues” option is only used on AI-Enabled forms. Then:


  • Click on the arrow [25] and choose the team(s) from the list to assign the form.


  • Click on the arrow [26] and select the queue(s) from the list to assign the form.


2. Now click on the Assign teams and/or Assign queues button to associate the form to one or more teams/queues.


Previewing a Published Form


To preview a published form, users can now navigate to the Quality Management’s Forms section. Using the More actions (...) button [1] the “Preview” option [2] will appear, which opens the Preview Mode where the published form can be seen.

Previewing a form will provide the users with a quick way to view the selected form’s details. Users will be able to check the structure of the form, with questions and answers and if required, proceed to edit the form.

When in Preview mode, a badge identifying this status will be shown after the form title.




Editing a Published Form

Editing a form that has been Published can be done by clicking the More actions (...) button [1] and selecting “Edit” [2] , or as mentioned in the previous section, from the Preview mode.

After clicking “Edit”, users can see the information related to the impact of changing a form that is in use. 

Editing a form follows the same process as creating a new one, since users can change the questions and scores, as well as add/remove questions or sections.

While editing the form, users can choose to save it as a draft, keeping the original one in use while not publishing the changes. This will be reflected in the Forms list page, by showing a new entry below the form being edited. 

Note: If a form is being edited, it can’t be edited again until that draft is either in “Published” or “Discarded” status.

Once users finish editing and are ready to replace the old version, they can just click the Finish Editing button [3]. 

This new version will now be available to create new evaluations, or in the case of evaluations already underway, a notice will be shown to the evaluator. The notice can then:

  • Be dismissed. In this instance, the draft will still need to be completed. 
  • Updated by clicking the Update button [4]

In  case the update option was chosen, any questions that have been changed will be reset but questions that haven’t been changed, will keep their previous answers (please review the evaluation after the update, to make sure the changes in the form didn’t affect your desired objective).

For customers using the Random Sampling feature, it will now mean the form can be  edited without the need to edit the Random Sampling rules as it will use the new version of the form the next time it performs the random selection. Evaluations created after the form being changed and published will be created with this newer version.

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