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WFM: Importing History


History import is available on the Forecast page by clicking the Import History button which opens the side panel.


Option Description
File upload Opens a dialog box, allowing users to select the file to import.
Timezone Specify the timezone of the imported file.
Interval Granularity Specify the time granularity of the file. WFM supports 60m, 30m and 15m. If granularity is 30m or 60m, statistics on file are broken down into 15m intervals.
Header Rows Number of header rows. Header rows are ignored by WFM.

Upon confirmation, the file is uploaded to WFM and processed in the background.

Missing values

It is possible that the system the report was extracted from doesn’t provide certain metrics. To allow quick import and avoid systematic editing of the file, users can define the default values to consider if they are missing on the import file:


Field Scenario Handling
File  User-Defined
Contact Volume Offered (CVO) Missing Not Defined Considered as 0
Missing Defined Consider User Defined value
Present Not Defined Consider File value
Present Defined Consider File value
Average handle time (AHT) Missing Not Defined Considered as 0
Missing Defined If CVO=0, AHT will be 0 Consider User Defined value
Present Not Defined If CVO=0, AHT will be 0 Consider File value
Present Defined If CVO=0, AHT will be 0 Consider File value
All other metrics Missing Not Defined Considered as NULL
Missing Defined Consider User Defined value
Present Not Defined Consider File value
Present Defined Consider File value


Importing 60m and 30m interval data

WFM works with 15m intervals. All data in files that contain data with a time granularity of 30m or 60m is converted to 15m intervals. The table below explains the processing performed by WFM for each metric:

Metric Distribution Calculation   Metric Distribution Calculation
CVO Divide using carry-over rounding* SL% Keep the original value
AHT Keep the original value Staffing Keep the original value
ATA Keep the original value Occupancy Keep the original value
AV Divide using carry-over rounding* Backlog Keep the original value

* Carry over rounding is required on integer metrics, e.g., if the file has a CVO of 65 over a 60m period, this value cannot be evenly split across four 15m intervals - 3 intervals will have 16 interactions, the other will have 17.

Import History from Zendesk

Configure GoodData report

In order to export history information from Zendesk, it is necessary to properly set up a report using GoodData:

  1. Access Zendesk.
  2. Click "GoodData" link and select Reports.
  3. Create a new report:
    • What - # of tickets created.
    • How - Date (DD/MM/YYYY), Hour ticket created (H24), Ticket Group (as L).
    • Filter:
      • Ticket creation date
      • Ticket group
      • Other appropriate filters appropriate data
  4. Save the created report.

The exported file must have the following format:

Ticket Group* Date (Event)* Hour Ticket Created* #Tickets Created* #Backlog Tickets
String DD/MM/YYYY H24 Integer, >=0 Integer, >=0


* Mandatory field.

Ticket Group - corresponds to the Queue/Ring Group in WFM/TD (case sensitive).
Date (Event) - date the ticket was created.
Hour Ticket Created - hour the ticket was created.
#Tickets Created - number of tickets created on that date/hour.
#Backlog Tickets - number of tickets that are still ongoing. Note that Zendesk does not provide this information for Hourly reports so it must be manually added to the file.

Exporting information

Run the created report for the desired period and export data as CSV.
Using Excel or other file editing tools, it is possible to add the backlog to each row of the exported file.

Import History from Talkdesk

To import history from Talkdesk, use Explore to export the required history to a CSV file, and then import as necessary.

WFM canonical file format is:

Queue* Date/Time* CVO* AHT* SLA% AWT AV ATA Occ Staff Backlog
string DD/MM/YYYY H24:MM:SS int int int int int int int int int

* Mandatory field.

Import History from other systems

WFM supports importing history from any system, provided that the file format used is compatible with either the WFM file format or Zendesk file format.

For further assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support.


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