Creating a Disposition Set for a Campaign

In Talkdesk Dialer™, you need to create a ring group for the campaign, or reuse one from another campaign, in case you want to have the same dispositions for both campaigns. 

The campaign’s ring groups need to be assigned to both the agents working in the campaign and the campaign’s phone number (Caller ID). Only the agents who are assigned to the campaign’s ring groups will have access to the dispositions associated with those ring groups. 

To learn how to assign ring groups, please read the article Setting up Teams: Ring Groups.

When that configuration is complete, follow these steps:


1. Select Admin > Dispositions > Sets > New set.


2. Add a “Name” and choose Outbound on the "Call direction" field.

3. Select the "Ring groups" that are associated with the campaign.

4. Click the toggle to enable the set.

5. Select the dispositions.

6. Click Save.


Tip: If you click on the created Disposition set, you will see the assigned ring groups and the selected Dispositions.

When you are done configuring the Disposition set, you can proceed with the campaign creation in the Talkdesk Dialer. For more information, please read the article Creating a Campaign.



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