Calls Dashboard

The Calls Dashboard is the place where you can request and see a summarized version of your calls statistical data, in those cases where you just need a quick snapshot.

To access these call metrics, please follow these steps:


  1. Click the Explore tab [1].
  2. Select Default Dashboards on the menu [2].
  3. Go to the Calls Dashboard [3].




4. Configure the filters you wish to apply [4].

5. Press Run[5].


These are the filters available in the Calls Dashboard:

  • Date: Choose the desired time period for your analysis.
  • Timezone: By default, the dashboard is using your account Timezone, but you can adjust to a Time zone that better reflects your needs.
  • Call Ring Group: By default, the dashboard displays all calls received by your company, but it might be useful for you to only see calls handled by specific ring groups.
  • Dedicated Line: With this filter, you can opt to keep or remove from the dashboard the calls handled on dedicated lines.
  • Phone Number: Narrow down your analysis to check the activity for a specific phone number of your Talkdesk account.
  • Agent: Use this filter in case you want to narrow the scope of the agents you’re looking at.
  • Call Disposition: If you want to focus your attention on a specific Disposition, this is the field you’ll use to narrow your search.
  • Interaction ID: This filter is indicated when you want to analyze one or several specific interactions.

For more information, please check the article Filtering Dashboards and Reports.


Call Metrics:

The list of the calls corresponding to the timeframe and the other parameters that you’ve picked will be listed on the dashboard, up to the limit of 500 rows:


Call Type:

Voicemails_icon.png  Voicemail.

Inbound_Calls_icon.png  Inbound call.

Missed_calls_icon.png  Missed call.

Outbound_calls_icon.png  Outbound call.

Abandoned_calls_icon.png  Abandoned call.

Short_Abandoned_Calls_icon.png Short abandoned call.


Interaction ID: it is the unique identifier of the call. It can be used for troubleshooting by the Support team.

Ring Groups: the ring groups through which the call was made or received.

Dedicated Line: indicates whether the call was handled by a dedicated line or not (TRUE/FALSE).

Call Start Time: timestamp for the beginning of the call.

Call End time: timestamp for the end of the call.

Talkdesk Phone Number: the Talkdesk number through which the call was made or received.

Customer Phone: the phone number of the contact.

Agent Name: the agent that received or made the call.

Talk Time: the time that the agent and caller have spent talking.

Disposition: the summary of the call.

Rating: the rating (on a scale of 1-5; 5 being excellent) that the agent gave to the quality of the call.

Recording Link: you can press play to hear the call recording.


If you have the permission to do so, you can also download this dashboard for a more detailed analysis according to your needs. To do this, simply click the gear icon and chose the option. You can also request the report to be sent to specific e-mail addresses and set a schedule. For more information, please check the articles Downloading and Sending Dashboards and Creating Schedules.

To obtain a complete Calls report, please navigate to Default Reports and pick the Calls Report:


When there, select the option that best suits your needs:

  • Download: Information for the last 7 days or up to 500 rows;
  • Send: Adjust the filters as needed and receive the report in your email;
  • Schedule: Adjust the filters as needed and receive the report in your email at the most convenient time.

For more details, please check the article Default Reports. For a complete list of the metrics, you can refer to our Data Dictionary (in development).



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